Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Wanderbites (Happy Three Years Anniversary!)

I still couldn't believe its already three years since first gone live. It's probably one of the longest commitment I've ever made for something and I love every moment of it. Here are a few highlights of what has happened in the past three years:

I've written 271 posts, that's 2 post/week and also countless amount of fat stored in my body due to mindless eating.

More than 2000 comments, that's a lot! For the kind words, praises, and criticism. I take them all, thank you. These are the conversations that made me kept going.

More than 1000 photos posted. About the same amount of hours spent photographing and editing. (Read: serious-serious backpain problem)

More than a million views.

But beyond these numbers, there are greater stories. Wanderbites has gone beyond just a blog to me.

From Wanderbites I've grown into a professional food photographer, a career I've never thought of before. Serving clients from the likes of Nestle, Paulaner Brauhaus, Kempinski, and so much more.

From Wanderbites I've met fellow foodies who became friends. Some even become business partners. We create great stuff together. Some become traveling mate. Some I hold dear as my close circle.

From Wanderbites I get to meet renown chef, restaurateur, editors, business owners, bakers, people who are extremely awesome in their field and we're all connected to one single passion: food.

For the love of food (and travel), I decided to crank it up a notch and revamp Wanderbites for a more enjoyable reading pleasure. If you open in a few days it will be the new one, or Wanderbites 2.0 as I would like to call it. A lot of things will be better. Just the presentation itself is new. And as I have always been heavy with photos, I'll continue to make you drool with large images. So pardon if it takes a while to load. Give it time, good things are worth the wait. Go and experience the new site yourself. As to when it will go live, hmm, you just gotta have to keep going back to check. Haha.

But that's not even the big announcement. Here comes. One major change that would happen is I'm opening up Wanderbites to everyone with the same passion. Yes, you can contribute and I will curate the stories. One of the things I learned in 3 years is the beauty of collaboration. I believe in making great things together.

So have you got a story? Restaurant you want to review together? The weird yet interesting people you encounter on your last travel? Email me at and we'll take it from there. Who knows you'll have the chance to be featured.

Wanderbites is now a collective blog about food and travel. Real stories, real everyday people.

I will leave the blogspot account on until I complete house-moving. =)
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