Monday, April 25, 2011

Versus : Leko vs. Tekko

Biters! Welcome to Versus, another whole new segment where we'll mash up menu against menu, resto against resto, or even people against people. This is war! But for today, we gonna call it The Great Battle of The Penyets. As cheesy as it sounds, I've always wondered how's the two top-of-mind would compare head-to-head. And yes! This will be epic! Who are you with? Team Leko or Team Tekko? Let's waste no time anddddddd RUMBLEEE!

Date: April 24th, 2011
Time: 12.20-ish PM
Location: North Jakarta
Mission: Eat with no hesitation. Criticize with no limitation.

Serving Time
As I sat down on my seat, I noticed its lunch time but Leko store looked seemingly empty. There was me, another family, and a couple of other people. Not more than twenty people I suppose. On the other hand, Tekko, three stores next door, looked packed as always during lunch time, both inside the resto and outside the resto. Both good and bad sign. Good sign, I got my orders at Leko at somewhat quicker time than Tekko. It took Tekko more than 7 minutes to have my Iga Penyet on my table and extra 1 minute for my Jumbo Orange Juice. While at Leko, both Iga Penyet and Jumbo Orange Juice came at the same time within 6 minutes.


The competition gets tougher at this rate. On Leko's side, I noticed they have more meat on their ribs, compared to that of Tekko. You can see on the photo above, there are a whole lot more chunk of bones than meat on Tekko's plate of Iga Penyet. And not to mention this kind of meat are super sticky to the ribs that I have to dirt both hands and scrape the meat with my teeth. Look!

Leko's meat were easier to pull off from the ribs. Hassle free. Maybe because Tekko's ribs consist of more fatty fats than the meats. However, Leko's ribs are somewhat baretaste if compared to Tekko's. I can sense the beefy aroma, and spices scent better on Tekko's ribs.

Verdict: While size matters, taste overrule! I'm gonna call this a DRAW!

Chili Sauce
I know. I know. But I take chili sauce seriously. And as serious as I was, I even chew on two spoonful of each chili sauce, with a sip of juice in between. I ordered 'very hot sauce' on both resto and found that Tekko's chili was a level more watery than Leko's.


Alright, I think I'm running out of category. This is suppose to be competitive, but now LEKO is already winning by 2 points. *thinking of new category*



Now this one, is definitely Tekko's plate of victory. At an additional price of 1000 Rupiah, I got much larger glass of orange juice. Oh, Leko, your orange juice shouldn't be called orange juice, it should be water orange. Yes, water comes first, because it was more watery dan orangy (is this even a word? wtf =p) I can barely taste the orange on yours. Shame on you, resto kakilima can make better ones.


This is a very sensitive category. Why? You'll find out after looking at the photo below.

Find what I meant? No? Look closer.
And closer.

Ah, now you get it. While both priced competitively, I'm surprised at how Leko has a little row after Total Bill called "Round Down" (Pembulatan), and there they just gave me 400 Rupiah discount of the price, instead of rounding it up to 37,400 or 38,000 (like in most gas station), they round down to 37,000.

I know you gotta be thinking "You're so effin cheap, Ruby."

"Well, I'm Chinese! I AM CHEAP." Try compare Changhong to Sony. They're suppose to be cheap. WEHEHEHEHE. =P

Naah, jokes aside, think of it like this. Imagine if you're the owner of Leko, say you have 100 customer a day, thats 3000 customer a month , 3000 bills. If each were cut of 400 Rupiah, you just lost 1.2 Million of income per month. I'm gonna call this ..... the little things that matters (Lebay). I hate carrying coins and they just prevent it in one satisfying way.

Verdict: Despite of the price cut, in most occasion, I would still pay more for a better tasting or bigger size of food. I call this, A DRAW!

Final Results

I guess after all, they're both loved equally by food lovers out there. Or not? Which do you prefer?

Let's keep this fun. I'll open a vote for the next one week. Tweet me at @wanderbites why you love which, DEFEND YOUR TEAM and mention the resto of your choice with hashtag #TEAMLEKO or #TEAMTEKKO.

I'll see you next week with the final count! =D

Stay Competitive, Folks.

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Blogger & Photographer


  1. "Well, I'm Chinese! I AM CHEAP." Try compare Changhong to Sony. They're suppose to be cheap. WEHEHEHEHE. =P

    me like this, lol!

  2. I have voted! I have I have! =P #TEAMLEKO ftw! (it's on my tweets, but didn't mention you with the @, how?) Anw, it's so wrong to open this post when my tummy is empty as a cave! Anyho, LIKE! the post, babe ;)

  3. hahaha udah lama nih gw pengen compare juga si Leko sama Tekko, tapi belom kesampean ngebandingin "head to head" kaya lo hahaha.

    Setuju sama lo, resto yang ada pembulatan ke bawah punya nilai plus, soalnya ga 'maruk' hahaha.

  4. @NIYAOKE : HAHAHHAHAA, gotta be chinese to get this joke thoroughly. =p

    @AMADEA: stuj! vote buat #teamleko kalo gitu yah =D

  5. lmao at the Chinese joke! =D Regarding tekko vs leko, I would call it a draw. I'm not helping here, I know :p

  6. wowww pembulatan kebawah yahh, ohya, udah tau kan klo pesan iga penyet, kita bisa dapet kuah iganya gratiss sbg pendamping makan iga penyet, tapi klo ga minta ga bakalan ditawari, itu jg bs jadi salah satu pembanding, rasa kuah antara keduanya

  7. @FOOSHIONISTA: A draw means one vote for each, you're helping! ;)

    @ANAKJAJAN: baru tau gua! thanks! next time bikin versus part two! sebenernya masih byk si yg bisa dicompare. kaya pilihan, variasi, dan inovasi menu di Tekko jauh lebih banyak dan lebih menarik. itu nilai plus juga.

  8. saya memilih tekko hehehe..
    kenapa soalnya terakhir gua makan di lekko (PIK) iga nya agak berbau..
    dan berhubung gua gak doyan sambel yah itu gak masuk itungan..
    dan lagi gua suka genjer dari tekko hehehe..

    nice post rub

  9. @MARTIN: Vote counted! TEKKO ada genjerrr?
    @VELLYSIA: Thanks for the vote =D

  10. Argh, LEKO FTW! (eh, orang jakarta, harus nyobain LEKO ASLI SURABAYA! Leko bukan Lekko bukan Tekko) MWAHAHAHA (maaf spamming, rubydear.. =P) #OCDKambuh

  11. gw se sukanya leko iga nya lumayan.. yah kadang klo kita lagi "hoki" pernah dapet yang agak bau dikit.. huahauhuaa

  12. I prefer #Leko than #Tekko,
    Yg Tekko terlalu berbumbu, jadi rasa dagingnya kurang berasa :)

  13. itu kok di billnya, yg tekko sok gaya" pake inggris, sampe cashier jd chasier...

  14. @ANONYMOUS: HHAHAHAHA. Baru nyadar. Thanks for the good laugh Mr. ANO! =D


  15. BAHAHAHA Pembulatan... round down or up? BTW, I don't know about this leko teko thing. Has it been around for awhile? And 25000 for iga penyet?!

  16. @CHRISTINEWU: Round down, thats the good part of it. Its been more than 'just' around, these two have been a BIG HIT! Come back Jakarta and have a taste! =D

  17. iga:draw, sambal:leko win, suasana: tekko win, drink: tekko win, serving time:leko win, price: leko win, overall ane lebih milih leko (tekko sering kehabisan iga hehe)

  18. Hmm, because I prefer tea to orange juice and in the assumption that both teas are equally tasty.
    Then the category for Drinks is Null in my point, so Leko win runs down XDD

    Interesting review by the way. I think I'm going to try Leko for lunch sometimes ^^

  19. For the meat, I'm gonna go for Leko. For the chili, I'm gonna go for Tekko. This is endless fight. Neither is gonna win -_-

    Nice review anyway! :)

  20. @CL: I know, its endless, but its FUN! =)) In the end, it comes down to each personal taste.

    @THE SPIRIT WITHIN: Thanks for contributing your personal reviews! GO TEAM LEKO!

  21. hahahaha.. what a fun posting, jadi ketawa ketiwi bacanya :)) ditunggu postingan "versus" selanjutnya ^o^

    1. Thanks Indah. Lagi dipikirkan nih, apa lagi yg mau di versus. =D Any idea?

  22. Oh, are you Team LEKO or Team TEKKO ? =D

  23. leko pancen mak nyuzzzz....


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