Tuesday, July 27, 2010

[Photos] Indonesia International Motor Show

In order of appearance and interest =p

#1. Ryuga Mazda Concept Car

#2. BMW M1

#3. Audi R8 Quattro

#4. Mitsubishi Concept Car

#5. New Mitsubishi (soon to be launched next year)

#6. Suzuki Concept Car

I hope you enjoy the photos. Now, just for a little fun. Up to Sunday, they published they've gained 80,000 visitors. Hmm, 80,000 times 20,000 that's 1.6 Billion Rupiah in income just from entrance fee. Now let's do parking, let's say all come by car and stayed for at least two hours, then 80,000 times 4,000 that's 320 Million Rupiah. Not so bad for a one week exhibition, eh? And it still going until August 1st. 

Ah, I'm making myself a totem, gonna doze off later tonight, and build three levels of dream within dream, I'll be having my private session with Ryuga and BMW M1. Who's gonna be my architect? =p

Fellexandro Ruby

Monday, July 26, 2010

God Forever (Original Song)

There you go, I dared myself to post it after keeping it for myself for a while. Anyway, when I said "I caught it" it means I don't know where this tune came from, my ears just caught it while I was randomly playing. 

I don't think I'm quite a songwriter at this point. I'm letting out my creativity to work. Empty to be filled again (hopefully with new originals). So yeah, I'm doing to the extent of what I can, if anyone can develop it, slip an interlude, revise the lyrics, feel free to let me know and see if we can make it awesome. =) 

Smile on, Shine on

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jakartans! We'll Have Our Own MRT!

And so I read the news on Kompas today (click on the picture at the end of the post for complete article) and Jakarta will start building MRT in 2012! What a joy to hear in such a gloomy and dark-weathered Friday. Good news goood newss.

So let me shorten it out for you. Actually the Ministry of Public Work & PT MRT Jakarta has planned out the blueprint (underground tunnels, stations & stops) since 2008. Currently they are finalizing the design expecting to finish end of this year. Will start opening tender for the construction in 2011 and hopefully start building in 2012. The very first line will be from Lebak Bulus all the way to Bundaran HI. The rest of the line is expected to finish by 2016. Yeaaayyy!

Anyway, I don't know if its a coincidence, but earlier this morning on the way to office, I was listening to Ps. Jose's message about Imagining the Un-imaginable (Membayangkan Yang Tidak Terbayangkan) about their vision seeing Indonesia becoming a great nation that not only depending on others help but can also influence other nations. That was their vision years ago, now back to the news, I can see we're going in the right progress, let's put aside speed for a while, maybe its only Jakarta but this is enough to amuse me. Let's pray for the best (you know what this means, supaya tidak hanya berhenti di wacana, tapi berlanjut ke laksana). =)

Smile on, Shine on!

Monday, July 5, 2010

We'll See You Soon, Gilbert.

Yesterday, us, mentors at TAG had to say farewell to one of our dearest Taggers, Gilbert. (no, he's not that long-haired-Gil that sings the cheesy 'Its Your Love'). Oh yes, TAG is short for Totally Awesome Generation, a community of youth (teenage) as part of Jakarta Praise Community Church.

People say goodbyes are hard to do. Indeed, they are. Yet on this occasion I had much more excitement than grief. I mean, seeing him pursuing his study in New Zealand is just euphoric. The first time I hear the news I was like awesomeeee! And it was just couple days before we were talking about him planning to travel around Europe sometime during college. And now he's off for the adventure, and he's only in highschool. Europe is not that far if he do good, maybe he'll get another scholarship there. A-to-the-MEN! Haha.

O well, Im gonna start blabbering nonsense. So before I do. Here's a blogpost dedicated to Gilbert and some vintage-ish monochrome picture to add some emotion. Haha. Alrighty, smile on, shine on, dude. We'll see you soon.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Time is Your Answer

The question of why is off for an apparent reason
Why do we need reason anyway?

The question of when is found within when

The question of who is found within whom
For the eyes can see
The heart may deceive
But this mind is solid

The question of where is a matter of scale
What is near is far
What is far is near

The question of how can screw the what and vice versa.

So, what was you question again?  


For more questions: http://lyricalrelease.tumblr.com

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