Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nastar Daily - Nastar With A Twist

Nastar pastinya sudah tidak asing lagi buat kita semua. Di berbagai event tahunan seperti Lebaran, Natal, atau Imlek berbondong-bondong orang memborong kue kering ini sebagai snack untuk dijamukan bagi tamu yang bersilahturahmi (kalau di rumah saya sih, tamu = saya sendiri =p). Rasanya yang unik dengan kombinasi terigu dan mentega yang lembut, lalu filling nanas yang khas membuatnya berada di urutan teratas kue-kue kering pilihan. Pasti langsung terbayang nastar ter-enak yang pernah anda coba bukan? 
Kalau buat saya, nastar racikan nyokaplah yang paling jempol, sampai saya menemukan Nastar Daily. Bisa dilihat dari penampilannya di foto-foto di bawah. Nastar yang fresh karena memang dibuat terbatas setiap harinya, diberikan topping cheese, strawberry jam, sampai ada yang dilapisi icing green tea and almond slices.

Skeptis. Saya cukup skeptis dan tetap menjaga ke-skeptisan saya sampai beberapa saat. Pikir saya ini pasti seperti salah satu merek makanan yang mencoba berkreasi dengan Bakpao dan memberikan berbagai macam topping pada bakpao. Dari namanya saja sudah BA-PAO. BA=Daging. Pao=roti. Sudah selazimnya diisi daging, bukan green tea, selai keju dan sejenisnya. Namun semua itu patah ketika di tengah kebosanan, saya mencoba untuk pertama kalinya.

Menurut saya Nastar Daily adalah inovasi yang tidak hanya sekedar ATM (amati, tiru, modifikasi), tapi juga membuatnya menjadi lebih baik. Secara kasat mata terlihat dua macam nastar hasil modifikasi ini, yang pipih adalah nastar yang tidak ada filling nanas, dan sepenuhnya dirubah rasanya. Seperti pada foto kedua ada nastar yang diberi topping strawberry jam, ada juga nastar yang komposisinya telah ditambahkan green tea (sehingga berwarna hijau tampilannya) dan diberikan topping chocolate. Kemudian ada nastar bulat yang mengikuti tradisi awal nastar dengan filling nanas yang diberikan icing, ada apple, strawberry, sampai green tea dengan almond slices. 

Overall, saya cukup menikmati Nastar Daily karena komposisi nya yang tidak terlalu manis, varian rasa yang memberikan twist, dan yang paling penting nastar ini freshly baked setiap harinya sehingga kualitas dan tastenya terjamin. Oh iya, harganya seperti layaknya nastar cukup pricey.  Untuk satu lusin Nastar Daily siapkan kocek 19.000 Rupiah dan untuk satu toples 59.000 Rupiah. Worth it kalau menurut saya dan sangat cocok untuk oleh-oleh bagi bule-bule yang sering berkunjung ke kantor saya.
Its not just another nastar, its nastar with a twist. Give it a try at Ruko Cordoba, Bukit Golf Mediterania (seberang Waterbom PIK).
Smile on, Shine on

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[Photos] #43 Jakarta Auctions - Joy Is In The House

About a week ago, we had our 43rd Heavy Equipment, Machines & Trucks Auction. Unlike the serious title of the event, I found that there's another side to it, the fun, the laughter, the love, the friendship and most of all the joy. This series is trying to visualize this other side of auction as well as the usual event details. Like my usual photos, I enjoy looking through my lens, and wait, and wait some more until that little grin or smirk comes out on people face and snap! I like capturing moments.

And the moments captured here are priceless, and honest, that's the most beautiful thing of all.
Below, you'll find parents bringing their little child while bidding. You'll find our friendly bidcatchers encouraging the bidders to raise up their hand for good quality machines. You'll find happy happy happy faces. I hope you smile as well (even the rain is pouring, and we can expect another long trafficky day in Jakarta).



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Saturday, October 16, 2010

When I Look Up.

"Look at the sky, look how they shine for you
And all the things you do, they were all yellow.." 

These are a collection of sunset skies. I took them in different places, different timing and different lenses. In order of appearance:

17-40mm Lens at that little dark corner, just next to the swamp where monkeys jump from trees to
trees every once in a while

50mm f/1.8 Lens on a car pacing at 80km/h, come to think of it, it was dangerous, but oh well, moments are precious. =p

50mm f/1.8 Lens on my first ever visit to Anyer

Landscape photography is not my main interest. Its not really my thing. But I definitely enjoy capturing the beautiful drawings of God. It reminds me of how beautiful our universe is if we allow ourselves to stop and enjoy the moment. And even more beautiful is The One who create all this for us to savor. In times, take some moment to be still, look up and let your surroundings on a sunset to sip into you, take the warmth, feast your eyes, then capture it.

Life is as beautiful as how you, yourself make the most of it.

Smile on, Shine on
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Surrender (I Need You More)

There will always be a point in your life where you feel close to numb / bored / worthless / empty / exhausted. You've tried everything but the light at the end of the tunnel is not yet seen, what you have left is your faith to His promises. And with that last beat of your heart, you scream out in one chord...

"I need You more, more than yesterday, I need You more, more than words can say, than ever before, I need You Lord. "

And in that exact moment, every guilt / problem / worry / trouble / burden is lifted out from your head and shoulder. That's the power and the grace of surrender.
If you're in one pitfall right now, put everything in your hand, surrender it to God, and lets sing out this song together. Be blessed peeps.

"Your presence is alive to me. Its the air that I breath. I need you more, everyday God."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

iCompare (The End of Happiness)

You got yourself a raise. Then you turn next door and found out your friend got a raise as well, slightly on top of yours. And there and then, your euphoric moment meets a downfall. Your happiness lasted for less than five minutes.

You got yourself a car. Brand new shiny car delivered to your office. Drove them home only to find Mr. Stottlemeyer, your dear neighbour has just got himself a boat. Your brand new car feels like crap all of a sudden.


I was on my way to office when I heard a familiar name mentioned in one local radio. That's my friend! I was excited and proud at the same time. But what's more exciting is what he shared, and that's what I'm sharing here.

How many times in life we bump into situations similar to the two above? We couldn't help it. I couldn't help it, I compare at times. Not on all subject though. The hypothesis is everyone must have at least one subject that's on top of his comparison list. For one, it might be shoes (and all the ladies raise your shoesss.. =p). You just can't help it when somebody has got better, shinier, more expensive brand than yours. You feel crappy when someone close to you get to walk on that pair of beauty before you do. For another it might be position in a job, bags, lenses (rookie photographer usually =p), and what not.

"Comparison is the death of happiness" - Doni Prilliandi.

What about benchmarking you ask. Aren't we suppose to have something to see our progress?

There's a line we have to draw here, between comparing and benchmarking. The latter focuses on the process (how can we make things better) while the former focuses on the results (salary, possession, etc). When we focus on results, nothing will make us satisfied.

Before we know it, those simple stuff somehow become majorly responsible for our happiness. Here's what to do .... admit it. When we admit, there's a releasing power that set us free from envy and the corresponding inferiority. Also, one thing we forget is where we were before. You might not have a car before, now you own a Honda! Screw the rest with Ferraris. You used to wear Charles and Keith, now you got a Kate Spade! Screw the rest with Louboutin.

"I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be." - Groucho Marx

So peeps, iCompare, that's not the latest gadget from Apple, it doesn't even exist in reality, and don't let it exist in you. Get the one from 'above' though, its called iGrateful. =)

Smile On, Shine On.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

[Photo Memoir] My Year With You, Taggers.

TAG = Totally Awesome Generation

I still remember clearly on day one when I was introduced to you guys, knees, feet weak, palms, hands all sweaty. Why? Cause there in front of my eyes were the future leaders of tomorrow. There's artists among you, designers, chief technology officer, detective, entrepreneurs, drummers, DJs, guitarists, writers, dancers, photographers, all with their awesomeness.

And I remember you asked me what is it that I do? My first answer was "Photographer and Entrepreneur", your reply was "Come on, be honest". I did not reply much, cause time will tell, and action is better an answer than words. Back then I've started in business but I just started to grab my passion around photography and I didn't have any pro camera yet, but I keep my vision strong. And now, a year after, I'm learning photography as much as I could with my hard-earned R2-D2, yes that's how I name my Canon EOS 7D. He's got some cool friends along the way, 17-40mm L-Lens and 70-200mm L-Lens. So here I am at this day, making a point to my answer a year ago. The lesson is: nothing is impossible if you have a clear picture of your vision along with God in it.

And nothing better to show the photographer in me who has developed in time than showing these pictures of beautiful Taggers. Took the shots in between session, its pretty hard then to get decent picture in such a short time, but well, I hope you like it.

Its been a blessing being with you guys. I learned a lot as I'm serving in this ministry. I hope I can go forward to inspire you guys.

Smile on, Shine on.
Your Mentor,

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