Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Passover (And So I Donated Blood)

It was about a month ago, Macquarie was having all this festive orientation week. A lot of stalls promoting student clubs, organizations, etc. And I was walking through the main walk, and this particular stall caught my eye. It was the Australian Red Cross. I don't know why, at the moment I just barge in, ask a couple questions and sign me up for a blood donation session.

I didn't give a lot of thought. And I don't know why, I didn't hesitate. Even for a bit.

Let's fast forward 20 minutes (thats 2x visit to the loo cause of two Mount Franklin I drank prior) unnecessary interview. And goes straight to the nurse is next to me. Pinching in the needle which is f**kin huge (baca: segede gaban - red) inside my left arm. Ten minutes passed away, and there it was.

A pack of my blood.  500cc = 500ml = one bottle of small mineral water

I never thought I could actually do this. And at that second, a thought bummed me out. It was very simple. At the time I could really picture the whole idea of "God gave His blood for our sin". It was for real man. I could literally feel the pain of forsaking Himself for us. And no I'm not that religious, but I guess me being so secure of giving a donation (for the first time ever) has given me twice the return.

One, I was simply doing it because I thought. Well, everyone's busy provoking cash offering, and somehow I dislike that 10 minutes spent by some churches here to preach about giving and stuff right before they pass out the offering bucket (and don't over imagine it, they use real black plastic bucket). But that's off the topic. I was thinking, giving doesn't always has to be cash (well I did that, and it felt great giving from abundance), giving can be time and attention (I'm trying to invest in this more), and maybe blood.

According to Australian Red Cross, my 500ml blood can save 3 lives. Isn't that great?
I mean, let's do something real, let's not offer cash only. Cause that was somehow like 'passing the responsibility' to other. If you can do something more hands-on. Why not? =D

Two, I totally forgot the whole Easter thing. I mean I know its Easter but I just lost the meaning, until I saw my own pack of blood. And yeah, I've explained it before. I can totally feel now (in a much much personal level) the awesome-ness of the "great exchange".

Look at it this way.
My blood. 500cc. 3 lives.
His blood. 1cc. you and all your facebook (and non-facebook) friends. all human kind.

So yeah, I donated blood for the first time. And I'm thinking about making it a twice-every-year thing. And I don't mean to brag or anything with this notes, okai. You know me. I write. So, anyone wants to hop on and go along? =D

And yeah, this is my Easter 2009.
So, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE, HAPPY PASSOVER, send all the chocolate eggs yah (preferably Cadbury or coklat Ikea)!

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