Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Everything is Amazing & Nobody is Happy!

This video below is how Louis CK tells it, everything is amazing, yet nobody is happy. I somehow feel it’s true to a certain extent. Just spare 4 minutes of your time to watch the hilarious video. For a teaser, this is a glitch of the conversation with Conan O’Brian:

Conan: Do you feel that we now in the 21st century, we take technology for granted?

Louis: Yeah! Cause see, we’re now living in an amazing amazing world and its wasted on the crappiest generation on just spoiled idiots that don’t care. Cause this is people are right now. They grab their phone, and they’re just (look impatient waiting for it to load) ‘uhhh, it wont work..’. Well, give it a second! GIVE IT! MAN IT’S GOING TO SPACE! Can you give it a second to get back from space?


So, how do you like it? I know you have your opinion on this, feel free to leave your comments below.

As for me, I kinda agree with Louis, I get pissed off by small things, my Blackberry messenger stopped working for an hour and I’m just like what? I paid a lot for their services, and I start complaining. Well, if I think about it, I was fine before with my old cellphone. No Blackberry messenger, no Twitter, and whatnots. If it’s important, and your BB messenger is not working, then friggin pick up the phone, dial your friend's number, that’s it! (I’m yelling to myself, not you, so you're good) =p.

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  1. It took a full frickin' 60 seconds for this whole clip to load! Sheesh!!! :p


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