Wednesday, December 2, 2009

~ ivd.

when i lay down and my eyes refuse to shut
that's when your images rushing out
seemingly friendly, they caught me off guard
tick tock tick tock tickly tick ... tock
it tickles my heart
one scene to another i grow on tears
where did we start, how did we end up here?
one scene to the last i cry them tears

one distance to another we grow apart
when i lay down and my heart refuse to part
that's when i know that was love
love love love
love ?
in my pursuit there were us
in our chapters there were laughs
flowery flowery blissful heart
at the best i know that was my part

when i lay down and finally close my eyes
i wish i can keep this dream aside
that it was not goodbye
that i'd have my fair chance to make you the happiest alive

i lied
i wish i can keep that dream for a long while.

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