Monday, July 5, 2010

We'll See You Soon, Gilbert.

Yesterday, us, mentors at TAG had to say farewell to one of our dearest Taggers, Gilbert. (no, he's not that long-haired-Gil that sings the cheesy 'Its Your Love'). Oh yes, TAG is short for Totally Awesome Generation, a community of youth (teenage) as part of Jakarta Praise Community Church.

People say goodbyes are hard to do. Indeed, they are. Yet on this occasion I had much more excitement than grief. I mean, seeing him pursuing his study in New Zealand is just euphoric. The first time I hear the news I was like awesomeeee! And it was just couple days before we were talking about him planning to travel around Europe sometime during college. And now he's off for the adventure, and he's only in highschool. Europe is not that far if he do good, maybe he'll get another scholarship there. A-to-the-MEN! Haha.

O well, Im gonna start blabbering nonsense. So before I do. Here's a blogpost dedicated to Gilbert and some vintage-ish monochrome picture to add some emotion. Haha. Alrighty, smile on, shine on, dude. We'll see you soon.


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