Tuesday, July 27, 2010

[Photos] Indonesia International Motor Show

In order of appearance and interest =p

#1. Ryuga Mazda Concept Car

#2. BMW M1

#3. Audi R8 Quattro

#4. Mitsubishi Concept Car

#5. New Mitsubishi (soon to be launched next year)

#6. Suzuki Concept Car

I hope you enjoy the photos. Now, just for a little fun. Up to Sunday, they published they've gained 80,000 visitors. Hmm, 80,000 times 20,000 that's 1.6 Billion Rupiah in income just from entrance fee. Now let's do parking, let's say all come by car and stayed for at least two hours, then 80,000 times 4,000 that's 320 Million Rupiah. Not so bad for a one week exhibition, eh? And it still going until August 1st. 

Ah, I'm making myself a totem, gonna doze off later tonight, and build three levels of dream within dream, I'll be having my private session with Ryuga and BMW M1. Who's gonna be my architect? =p

Fellexandro Ruby

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  1. whoa! this is super cool! i wanna go thereeee O.O!


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