Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Now Cooking: Rati Rati - Roll Cake From Japan

A Response To Request Bites
If wedding videographers has what they call same-day-edit, than this post that I write one hour after trying the new restaurant has got to have something to call to. I've done #livebites on Twitter. That's for instant on the spot review. How does Today's Special sound? =D

As you might noticed, I tweeted on #requestbites a few weeks ago. A bunch of replies came in suggesting many food place to try out. One of them is Rati-Rati. I've been intrigued by the catchy name, the striking orange dominated venue, and the huge bouquet of flower with a huge Japanese name written on it. This has got to be original from Japan, as I think in my head. It turns out to be true, as I dined there, I was introduced with the director. We then swap stories about food, coffee, and his 'experience' in setting up business in Indonesia. Well, its another story for another occasion, let's check out the food.

Origin of Roll Cake

The name roll cake is also commonly known as swiss roll. In contrast to the name, it is not by any means related to Switzerland. Some mentioned it was originated from Central Europe while some others believe it rooted from a traditional French dessert called Buche de Noel that's usually served near Christmas.

Buche de Noel literally means Yule Log which is a huge log of wood burned during the hearth of Christmas celebration in several European countries. The roll cake back then was positioned as standing cylinder to resemble a wood log.

Rati-Rati Version of Roll Cake

Rati in Sanskrit means the goddess of love. I suppose they are really trying to spread the love through their cakes. I ordered their Cheese Berry roll. It was sliced at 4 cm thick (29k), or alternatively you could purchase the whole roll (118k). On the side was Matcha Ice Cream. It comes together with the dine-in package.

Cheese Berry Roll Cake (29k)

On the first bite, the sponge was very soft, smooth for the tongue. It is at a different caliber from our Indonesian version of "Bolu Gulung" which is usually thick and less airy on the sponge. The cream was not rolled in spiral, it was more like a filling instead and it could use some more cheese. I could taste it but only subtly behind the berry.

The green tea ice cream melted so quickly that I ended up playing around with it before finishing the whole plate. I suppose it was powder based matcha, resulting in a sweet sandy aftertaste on my throat. It reminds me somehow to the Japanese mochi given from a friend a while ago.

Matcha Ice Cream on the side. (comes w/ the dine in package)
Cheese Berry Fillings

Summing Up

I'd definitely like to come back and taste more of their 'love' cake. Haha. It is a bit cheesy, but hey, they really mean it if you see the hardly translated closing quote on their menu below. I was lucky, their Japanese chef is still in Jakarta and making each cake by hand. Before he flees I gotta taste some more. On top of my list are the chocolate and matcha roll cake. Now who's coming with me? Poke me on twitter @Wanderbites.

Rati = Goddess of Love in Sanskrit

Arigato Gozaimasu,

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Rukan Cordoba Block G No. 5
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(In between Teko / Leko & Viti)


  1. Try try 'Otaru Baumkuchen' in PI, dear. Lapis legitnya jepang. Hihi.

  2. ada promo di disdus! gw baru tau itu bakery, selama ini ngelewatin gw pikir semacem kafe ajaib ga jelas. coba ahhh

    1. HAHA. Bener banget, g juga mampir karena ada karangan bunga gede tulisan jepang. Jadi penasaran. Anw, banyak cerita seru tentang tempat ini. Let me know Doc if you're coming around.

  3. mnrt g pribadi sih lbh enak yg kardinal drpd roll cake...mesti dicoba tuh....

    1. Bakal dicoba segera. Thanks for recommending!

  4. been a while since I dropped by your blog ;)

    selalu bikin laper malem-malem! hahaha. Keep blogging!


  5. Just bought a voucher in dealkeren. Will try it soon... :)


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