Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If I Had My Own Food Place

I was sitting on my working chair when a thought came to me. What if I could have my own restaurant? How would i like it to be?

Having spent quite some time in Sydney and having the privilege to visit Max Brenner as a regular, I used to have in mind the similar yet different medium-sized cafe with bricks and stones, indoor space and outdoor space on rooftop, dimmed light, wood interiors, shelves with collections of chocolates from countries around the world, and a huge diorama of chocolate-process from cocoa tree to a bar (basically a mini Wonka Factory). Oh and maybe, just maybe, a sushi-train-like section, but of course instead of sushi, you'll have various selections of chocolate based food.

Also a chocolate tasting section where I'll have myself with my toque and double breasted white jacket, leading a group of people to try the wonderful varieties of chocolate products, from fudges to truffles, candies to cookies. Astound them with the fact that Indonesia is on the top three cocoa-producing countries, interest them with the differing taste of Forastero, Criollo, and Trinitario cocoa beans, and of course brainwash them with all the goodness and health that chocolate can bring. To end the treat, everyone will get the chance to make their own mix of chocolate with their favorite fillings, nuts to liquor, in their favorite size and shapes, have each of them stamped with their personal name.

I'll have it named after this blog. Wanderbites! Chocolate & Beyond. The tag line will be "Let's Get Chocolate High!" And just like Max Brenner, I'll have my face in vector character instead of his bald head. Ha! I'll probably be the first chinese-looking-guy to ever brand his face in a chocolate bar. =P That would be the kind of legacy I totally looking forward to leave this world with.

Besides, its a disturbing fact for me, Indonesia is one of the largest cocoa producing countries but doesn't even make it to the top ten chocolate consumers. I'd like to recall the famous tale where a bunch of explorers come into a remote island and see the natives wear no footwear at all. Would you be the one saying "hey nobody wear shoes here, they don't need it, they don't want it, lets head out" or you'd be the one jumping euphoricly screaming "nobody wear shoes yet! this is a huge market!".

You know which one I'll be.

Before all my chocolate dream happen to reality, have a glimpse of it here, this might just be the perfect fountain to put in the middle of Wanderbites! Chocolate & Beyond:

(a little poll: after seeing this video do you agree that Asians are the best in capturing amateur travel documentary?)

And another one, that totally surpasses my idea at this link.  And interestingly, it came from a guy named Maurits Rubinstein. Hmm, fate has its unique way to connect us, Rubies, and chocolates. =D

Oh, it's a couple weeks to Valentine's day. Get ready. Let's get chocolate high!

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Enthusiast & Photographer


  1. Hey Ruby, congrats for the new domain! and thx for putting my link on the sidebar, will do the same on my blog too.

    Oh, videonya ga muncul disini :(

  2. Jie, thanks for stopping by. Pertamax nih. =p Thank you too, you inspired me to upgrade to a custom domain. =)

  3. Oh. "Wanderbites! Chocolates & Beyond" will definitely be my #2 favorite place to be after the supermarket *wink* hihihi..


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