Friday, August 13, 2010

Radiantly Roaming

Colourful Day (Seams Remix) by Alan Pownall   (4614 KB)
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I've been putting this song on repeat throughout the day. It's emotionally affixing, detachable at any time yet you can't help but glue-ing it back again. You know what I'm saying? It's fresh to your ears, but somehow it brings out pictures of the old days, yeah those happy pictures. You can't resist those happy pictures.

It's all in my mind now,
But I can't help thinking why it's oh so quiet.
When I woke up it was like this,
What a colourful day I have been welcomed with.

And when it reach the chorus, its like an overflowing sensation of floating. I think I just turned into bubbles, glowing colorfully in reply to the sunlight, flying, meandering, radiantly roaming over the big blue sky. And over. And over, so over the top. And .. POP! There goes off the bubble, and you know you're pressing back / replay cause once is never enough.

Listen when: you just woke up in the morning, your head still figuring out where you are and what was it that you were dreaming about, or was it a delusion of your reality.

Bubble on,

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