Monday, August 23, 2010

Surabaya Adventure : Shihlin Snacking to Meeting Jiewa at My Kopi O!

Two days, one night in Surabaya was not enough definitely, especially when every day was filled with endless delicacies like the ones I'm sharing with you today. There's a funny story when I tried Shihlin Taiwan Snacks. I saw it first on my Surabayan Friend's Blog and it looked good. So on the first day I arrived at Surabaya last weekend, I said I got to try Shihlin! They look like a perfect pre-pre-lunch snack. And so I went to Sutos ordered the oh-so-famous Crispy Chicken and Seafood Tempura only to be disappointed by the brochure. Why? Cause it says they have opened their stores in Taman Anggrek Mal, Central Park, all in Jakarta. And worst of all, they have one store in Emporium Pluit, that's like 15 minutes from my house. -__- " Way to go Ruby way to go!

Anyway, back to them. See the shots below? Indeed they are as crispy and as tasty as the name offers. However, I personally think it doesn't get any more special than that. I mean I can easily fry my own Fiesta Instant Chicken and pour some chilli powder and voila! (You get what I'm implicitly saying here right? ;P YES! Go and ask your maid to fry them for ya!)

And the day goes, and as spontaneous as I most of the time try to be, I tweeted Jiewa to see if I can see him while I'm in town. For those of you, who don't know who he is, click on his name, it will link you to his awesome food blog, Or follow his scrumptious tweet @inijie. Personally I see him as someone I looked up to. He's the man. Who dared to stand on his idealistic passion and still making money out of it. I've just started foodphotoing for the past few months, and he's already like the 'shifu' in food blogging. I didn't expect much aside from being spontaneously fun, and he responded. So we got to meet at My Kopi O! Its almost like a fan meeting a role model. Partly astounded by his humbleness, and partly too excited to learn from him. What ever we shared in the precious hours is for us to keep. (Why does this line sound gay? No no, please, he's as straight as Pocky Wafer Stick, oh girls, he's single and available). See, the excitement is still here.

Anyway, we ordered Ice Lychee which I think was awesome. I mean, look at the way they deliver it, I've never drink from a jar before and I have to admit the drink taste delicious and refreshing. While Jie decided to order Kopi Tarik and Beef Satay. Both menu was good, especially the satay, the spices and ingredients was totally soaked in the super tender meat. YUM! I would definitely come back to these two places. With a companion like my personal stylist, Andrea Sharon and a fellow food lover / photographer / cool geek like Jiewa, a simple day could be adventurous and fruitful at the same time. It doesn't get better than that.

Smile on, Shine on. 
Fellexandro Ruby
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  1. omigoshhh, i MISS Shihlin!!! i have to say it's NOT just any crispy chicken w/ chilli powder.... believe me, many have tried here (even the Taiwanese original restaurant themselves) and failed to even close to shihlin :Dand i can't believe u don't know it's in ur neighbourhood! :P *peace*


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