Friday, July 29, 2011

Relax & Unwind at My Kopi O!

Its been a while since I posted here. Did anyone miss me? =p Well anyway, its been quite a while as well since I last tasted My Kopi O! at its place of birth, Surabaya. They've finally expanded to Jakarta and chose Living World - Alam Sutera to settle their pilot project.

I was amazed as they were able to duplicate the exact cozy atmosphere with the white bricks wall and designer's chairs. The joint pleasantly stood out from neighbouring stores. Thumbs up for that. Now that the eyes have been entertained, the big question is, does the food do so as well? Let me take you through the little feast I had.

I'm gonna start with my favorite menu, Combi Chinese Burger (38k).

This reminded me of good ol' grandma's recipe. A half bun of pao stuffed with slow-cooked pork and chili sauce on top. The only difference is that everything is halal here. They have spicy chicken, BBQ chicken, and black pepper beef instead. You don't want to miss the black pepper beef. It tasted a little off from the usual blackpepper. It has a likeable aroma of Chinese herbs and medicine. I somehow found it delectable, and Jenz too.

Served on a chopping board, this meal simply pleasing to the eye and the tongue.

On my next favorite list are Nanyang Kopi Tarik (18k) and Kaya Toast (18k)

Boasting a unique kind of coffee beans, namely the Lanang Coffee, My Kopi O! tries to bring out a unique selling proposition. While I'm a coffeefool, after reading that they only grind single (not half shaped) coffee bean, I feel special right away. Weird, but its true. Sometimes better doesn't mean better, simply different can be better.

Also, there is something nostalgic about drinking from this cup of coffee. Back in my home town of Bagan Siapi-Api (Riau), most kopitiam uses this kind of classic cup. If it attracts a young eye like me, imagine how it would attract an old eye. Even more nostalgic value.

Thumbs up to the designer who curated the use of this lovely cup.

Notice the green kaya jam? You could've guessed in one glance what made it green. Yep, a subtle hint of Pandan leaves is all over it. On the first bite it wasn't there, but it catches up later on the following bites. I only have one note for this, a little more sugar wouldn't bite. Haha. I'm sure those with the sweet tongues will agree with me.

I still have a couple more favorites for you to bite on. Give a warm welcoming drool on these fresh beverages.

Strawberry Passion Soda (32k), Ice Tiramisu Latte (42k), and Ice Choco Black Forest (28k).

I love their presentation, not only the jars give a vintage feel, it also fools the eye into thinking it's serving is bigger than usual drinks. Both, Strawberry Soda and Lychee Ice were served with fresh slices of fruits. A generous portion I must admit. 

For those who liked a creamier option, go for the Lychee Ice. It has an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream that melts into a sweet bold mix with the soda. Or, for an even fuller option, hit the Choco Black Forest.

Gotta love these drinks on a sunny afternoon.

To wrap up my feast, I had Orange Yoghurt (24k) and Roti Jala (18k) for dessert.

They weren't exactly my ideal type of dessert. The orange yoghurt was more like jelly, and I didn't taste the sourish feel that I looked for from a yoghurt. Albeit the lovely presentation, I think I'd choose the drinks above over this anytime.

As for Roti Jala, I didn't get why they have to separate the jala into two different color as they tasted quite similar. Also the mix of Vanilla ice cream, banana and Gula Melaka topping resulted in a mess of flavor. Go for something else for dessert, Biters.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience. I get a feeling that My Kopi O! will stay for quite a long while. I would certainly come back here. A great place to sit, converse and unwind with friends and families.  I also love the fact that they have a strict non-smoking policy, making it so much more comfy eating here. If only they were closer to where I live ...

See you when I eat you,

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Conversationalist, Photographer & Seriously wishing My Kopi O! open in any area around Pluit.

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  1. Reading ur writings is always refreshing, like a breath of fresh air. Kudos and big ups, I like this post big time! ;)

  2. i don't understand why your food photos look so good and lustruous. maybe because you're a photographer. but really, they're good and make me hungry in a second.

  3. maybe we should coax them to open one in Pluit, after all Pluit is alreday invaded with so many ramen, ribs, seafood resto, kopitiam and whatnot...
    did u notice the number of new restos opened in PIK(where leko and tekko are)area alone every week...
    Having said that I'm still looking for the day when there's at least one kopitiam that serves decent (or even better) teh tarik / kopi in Pluit.

  4. @PUTCHE: The chef made it a lot easier, it came out pretty, I don't need to style it that much. Just an eye to take the best angle =)

    @ANONYMOUS: Couldn't agree more, at this rate, soon that street would be name Culinary Boulevard. There's a new Kopitiam in the line, named Summer or Sunshine or the likes. Skeptic, but let's give it a tryout. =) Oh, and lets start coaxing!

  5. Nice pict and post as always, the combi chinese burgers look scrumptious :D

    I'll be sure to try it on my next visit to living world. (I also live at pluit, so hopefuly it'll worth the trip >_< )

  6. Mmm interesting menu.. they should get closer to Jakarta I wish :p hehe..

  7. @HERSEIL: Thank you for coming by. Browsed thru your Flickr, you've got yourself some appetizing food as well. Oh, and I'm pretty sure it'll be worth it.

    @LOLO: The next one is in Jakarta. Guess where?

  8. hahhaa we had the same hometown..nga sangka ketemu kawan sedaerah:P

  9. @SEORANGPREMPUAN: Hey there neighbor! =D E hiau kong hokkian we jg donk? =p

  10. tampo tampo gwa e kong hokkian wa la... :P

  11. whereee??? so excited here.. Grand Indo? or Mall Kelapa Gading maybe? :p.. Don't say Empo, too many kopitiam in pluit I think hehe

  12. @SEORANGPEREMPUAN: HAHAHAH, ai khi cia ho liao bo?

    @LOLO: i wish they would open somehwere north, but they're opening one in Citos *sigh* I know we have too many kopitiam, but none are decent.

  13. gwa a be cia di cai a... tane lah, gwa bo ai kopi tiam. btw gue ude coba Hakata Ikkousha, enakkkk gileee *salah room kayanya ni komen gue :P

  14. Never thought that you are a Baganese just like me! hahaha. wa ai khi cia ho liao!

  15. @SEORANGPREMPUAN & @PAULUS: lai cia bagan e cia ai bo? ada resto enak asli bagan, namanya Asean di Muara Karang, Cho Ba sama He To nya enakkk bgtttt =DDDD

  16. bagan e cia nga perlu jauh2... gue kan di Teluk Gong, tinggal angkat telp, ude dapet wan tan mie + kari peng delivery.. hociaaa :P wkwkwk

    di MK di mananya? gue taunya di MK itu Happy, haha restoran fav emak gue dr dlu wkwkw..

  17. @RUBY: oh ini ya? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH #bagan


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