Monday, July 4, 2011

Flapjaks - Pancakes, Crepes, & Kuta Sunset

Clean white interiors in combination with striking red lines and furnitures. So contrasting, as if they were enthusiastically inviting every passerby to come in and have a bite. I was a victim. Haha. I mean who could walk away from a drooling display of pancakes-mockup lined up beautifully on their wall. Its almost like I can hear them whispering "Eat me, I know you want this pile of chocolate ice cream on your mouth, don't you?" 

And long story short, I stopped from my afternoon walk, sat down and have a look at Flapjaks menu. While the waiter continuously promote their pancakes, I have a feel that they won't be that good, and so I fell for their Chocolate & Peanut Crepes. Beware, some mouth-watering pictures ahead!

And just when you think you can handle yourself from drooling. Here's another teaser. HAHAHA. I'm just that devilish today. If I'm going down with these fat, I'm taking everyone with me. =p

Alright, enough sillyness. I have got to say this is one of my favorite dessert while staying for five days in Bali. You can simply tell how good it is by the generous amount of toppings. Not to mention hidden layer of sweetness. Yes! If you uncover this particular meal, you'll have at least five layer of goodness.

First, the toothsome chocolate ice cream. Second, spongy cream mousse. Third, crunchy ground nuts. Fourth,  chocolate sauce and small chocolate bites. Fifth, savory sugary pancakes. And Sixth, the extra chunky peanut butter. Tell me you don't like this one, then I got to tell you, you just don't know how to have fun. =p

Scrumptious, especially for the sweet-toothed. However, this could be too sweet for some. In other words, proceed with care.

When I finished with this, it was almost six pm. I've got to go and catch the sunset, but I was just too curious with this one drink named Bok Choy. Weird name, but it turned out to be one refreshing drink with a unique twist of flavor. With a good mix of a host of veggies and fruits, it was healthy as well. Anw, that's not the real reason I ordered this, I have to say I have a weakness for anything green. Yes, now you know. =p And as you can predict, here's the green drink. 

As many has come and enjoyed Flapjaks, I, too would like to recommend this place for those who are in their vacations. Good foods on a holiday would make a perfect mix. I can't wait until the day I travel again. Here's a quick snapshot of the sunset in Kuta that day, right after I finished with Flapjaks. I hope you like it.

See you when I see you,

Fellexandro Ruby
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  1. me: "Ruby Ruby! Look look! it's green" :p

  2. aaaahhh flapjacks... belom kesampean sampe skrg huhu

  3. @CHUBBY CHICK: *sodorin ember*

    @ANDREA: "green monster!"

    @LOLO: "Gampang, Bali cuma sejem naik pesawat, hajar bleeehhh!" =p

  4. luar biasa ngilernya abis liat crepesnya ! keknya ini harus coba ya kalo ke bali ! hahahaha *membaca ini saat subuh dan sukses membuat lapar*

  5. Rub cobain gelato setnya...5 scoops ice cream, gede abizzzzz!!!

  6. @JENDRY: harus coba jennn. sebenernya si krg lbh sama ama pancakes" di jkt, tapi mungkin krn ada semilir angin pantai kuta jadi lebih enak. hahaha

    @ORIN: will do next time! =D

  7. err boh choy itu nama sayuran semacam sawi kan? saya suka makan untuk pendamping mie instan

  8. @ANONYMOUS: Betul tul tul! Yang ini kayanya diblend sama nanas dan beberapa buah lainnya, jadi berasa seger, wangi daun (sayur) ga dominan lagi. Enak diminum =) kalau mau cari yg sejenis byk di resto" chinese seperti May Star / Taipan, cari di bagian dessert / drinks.


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