Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Smoking Joe's - Strange Foreign Delicacy

Upon entering Smoking Joe's you'll be greeted with woody architecture and furniture, creating an ambiance resembling a warm rustic feeling. The hint of reds and greens in between added a striking freshness to the scene. Not to mention the very inviting lines of booze on the alcohol's wall of fame. I bet this joint looks a lot livelier starting from 9 pm and above. ; ) I hope I'll come back some time soon to see that with my own eyes.

Anyway, this time I went there for lunch. Here, you got to see Smoking Joe's on the brighter side of the day.

These chairs, aren't they lovely? I liked the design although they look a little bit stiff and uncomfortable to rest your back. Its part of the reason why I decided to sit on the more private sections, next to the huge window with a lovely view and of course with a puffy SOFA!

So, well seated I was, I took out my two Disdus (Groupon Indonesia) vouchers, and scramble through the menu to find what to order. These vouchers allow me to choose among the entrees. There were pulled chicken, pulled pork, beef brisket and quarter chicken. Which one did I choose first?

Damn right, its none other than the Pulled Pork! (95k) Haha! With the Lemon Buttered Broccoli and Fried Sweet Potato on the sides.

And second, I chose the Quarter Chicken (55k) with French Fries and Potato Salad on the sides. 

On the first bite, these two were foreign to my palate. Indeed, Smoking Joe's recipe is one of a kind. As the chef / owner, Joel Rozelle explained, they use a particular seasoning called the St.Louis rub. A dry rub with a blend of secret herbs and spices. Not stopping at that, they take it one notch further by slow-smoking most dishes using only Jack Fruit wood to enhance the flavor. They even bring the one ton smokers all the way from St. Louis to maintain consistency. So much effort but nothing goes to waste. Just by seeing the amount of expats coming to this place is already a good indicator of how Smoking Joe simulate home to them.

As for me, after the fourth bites and so on, I began to enjoy them. Oh, let me tell you a secret, this is for you Biters who read through line after line. I'm telling you, whatever you order you have got to get yourself these sweet potato fries. They are simply lovely for our Indonesian tongue. Meatwise they were tender, good texture and easy to chew. Sizewise, they were very very generous. I never expected this when I ordered at the beginning. As a result I ordered an extra Pork Ribs (139k) as well. That was a fatal mistake. I ended up not finishing them. It was just too much. *fiuh*

My take on the ribs is similar to the previous two because they use the same dry rub, I don't expect any surprises. My only comment was that it doesn't live up to its description in the menu: "slowly smoked until the rib is falling off the bone". Probably due to the thickness of the meat, or it wasn't smoked long enough that they were more on the chewy side, not tender. Also, it gets stiff and hard quite fast, in less than twenty minutes I reckon. That was not satisfactory for me. Its also different from my idea of pork ribs, with the racks and everything.

Overall, I'm maybe not yet to the point of loving them, that gotta take time. But as a foodie whose considerably open and adaptive to new stuff, I challenge you to put me in St. Louis, Missouri. Within a month I guarantee, my tongue would've gone American and loving Smoking Joe's menus.

I see a promising future for this food place somehow. They stay original and not planning in any way to tweak the ingredients just to fit in Asian tongue. They stood out with what they have best and let people exercise a little variety from their routine. That's what I want. A taste of America without the cost of going there myself. I hope to see them around. I'd surely come back while not that often.

Well, at least for their refreshing Lemon Grass Ice Tea (17.5k). Again, it has a foreign taste that I can't simply explain word by word, just gotta trust my tongue, go ahead and try it. Foreign yet beautiful delicacy.

I'll see you when I see you. Cheers.

Fellexandro Ruby
A Daring Foodie, Aspiring Photographer, & Heavy Equipment Specialist =)
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  2. Nice review there. If you're going back there I highly recommend to opt the green bean side dish. Put it alongside with the sweet potato fries and you can forget about the main meal for a while :D

  3. @HERSEIL: If only I knew about the greenbeans earlier, alrightyy, will try em out next time ;)

  4. you should try the beef brisket, it tasted waaayyy better than the pulled pork or chicken. personally, who can cook pork better than the chinese? :P

    kapan ya ada vch yg seworthed ini lg..puas gue pake vchnya hohoho..

  5. sempat ingin mencoba, tapi jadi ragu, rasanya asing gitu yah?

  6. @SEORANG PEREMPUAN: HAHAHA, true to that, no pork beats grandma's cu kiok. =p

    @NIYAOKE: asing buat lidah asian, lezat buat lidah amerika. tapi kalau suka variasi rasa, cobain gih biar ga penasaran. hehehe

  7. is it the one placed on kelapa gading?

  8. @STEVENNY: Nope, its at Menara Prima, Kuningan. =)

  9. Halo, can i have your email? I want to offer some job. Maybe we can contact via email first. :)
    or you can email your contact to irenewibowo@thinkindigoasia.com

    Thank you

  10. Hi, saya Irene Wibowo, dari PT THink Indigo Asia, bisa minta alamat emailnya ga or contact saya ke irenewibowo@thinkindigoasia.com karena saya ada penawaran kerja untuk Anda :)

    Terima kasih


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