Monday, September 5, 2011


To take an analogy of movies. Its always fun to watch a straightforward romantic comedy with one message as the focal point, but usually they're good for one time viewing. Me myself, I'm inclined for distinct movies with diverse missions and messages hidden that took repeat exposure to discover one revelation at a time. 

In that same perspective, for fellow Biters who has been used to mouthwatering writings, let me take the example of Onions! If I were a vegetable, that's probably what describe me best. With layers of skins, you have to slowly peel each one to discover me as I'm discovering you Yes, I'm so much more than just a avidly starved foodie, and I bet you too, Biters.

Its the very reason why 'wander' came after 'bites'. So the mind travels for ideas while at the same time the taste-buds seek for indulgence.

I've had enough of being blunt, and truthfully, shallow. I tweeted a few weeks ago that I'll be back posting my thoughts in between food photos and reviews. I invite you to seek your place among some of my previous wanderings below, discover your layers as I lay out mine.

Happy Peeling.

Fellexandro Ruby
A happy Onion


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  1. Ehm, just like Mrs. Tuohy, you are. :p

  2. You remind me that I used to post about my thoughts, and others, bahkan sebenernya I started my blog as a personal blog, keenakan nulis review kayaknya :p

  3. @NIYAOKE: I had a tough time fighting with myself against the idea of staying on the food path, or branching out. I can't help it. But I'm happy with my decision. Simply because it's what I always wanted from conception of this blog. =)

    Gotta write more on life stuff dude! Cmonn!


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