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Offbites : Jakarta Culinary Festival In The Words of Bloggers

Jakarta Culinary Festival might be one of the most look forward event this year especially with its absence in 2011. Jakartans & especially food bloggers have built up expectations virally on social medias few weeks prior to the opening weekend. I, myself was there for three consecutive days and couldn't get enough of it.

For food bloggers, entering the fifth floor of Grand Indonesia is probably what it feels like for the kids entering the grand entrance of Disneyland. Yes, with a light feet and a wide grin on their face. It is their epitome of heaven on earth. A monthful celebration of food and drinks. 

Now that the hype has toned down, let's hear what some of the food bloggers has to say about the opening weekend. I took the liberty to ask them two simple questions: 

1. What is your most memorable experience from the JCF opening weekend? 
2. Where will you take Mario Batali to eat in Jakarta? And why?

Here they are in their own words: 

Daniel Kaurranny
Coffee geek, F&B consultant, tweeting his pitiful life @danieldeka.

1. To meet WW in person and found out his passion to share the spirit of local cuisine to urban people, and somehow I am so excited to explore more on this "local spirit" issue! Also to found out that, at Djournal Coffee, there are SO MANY people willing to learn, to try "another level" kind of coffee. A good sign for broader coffee scene in the one of the largest coffee growing country's capital! 

2. This is hard. I want to show the local Betawi spirit. Nasi Goreng Bumen Jaya, Pejompongan or Nasi Uduk H. Zainal Fanini in Kebon Kacang. Then some kerak telor at Tm. Menteng and es campur Pecenongan in the evening!

Blogging at Selby Food Corner

1. Most memorable experience: Meeting the Bliss sister and trying the Turkish ice cream. 

2. Gado-gado, because it's an authentic Indonesian salad, healthy and delicious. 

Cindy Yusman
Blogging at My Journal, My Life.

1. Most memorable is to see in person the chefs that I usually can only see on the TV. To be able to take photo with them and try a wide variety of food samples. Oh, and one more, I finally get to taste Lickerish Delish ice cream. Has always been curious of this ice cream for so long. 

2. Hmm, if its Mario Batali, I'll probably take him to try Gado-gado / Ketoprak / Soto Ayam. Indonesian traditional cuisine. Well, actually I'd love to take him to taste street hawker food, but then, to avoid him getting stomach problem after that, probably Indonesian restaurant like Kafe Betawi is fine. 

Ellyna Tjohnardi
Blogging at Culinary Bonanza.

1. Most memorable experience from the weekend was participating as one of the volunteers for Raj Abat's cooking demo. Details have been posted in my blog. 

2. Mario Batali seems to love pork, so I'll show him to a supposedly famous kedai sate babi in Kapuk, by the name Aheng. I got the info from Dr. B, but had never been there myself. Whoever knows, if the opportunity presents itself, I'd visit the place with Mario Batali himself! :D

Natasha Victoria Lucas
Blogging at Yummy Traveler.

1. Had a lot of memorable moments, but the one that speak foremost is to taste those famous chef's cookings. Also to see how they cook. 

2. Definitely Konro Bakar. Because it's very yummy, very Indonesian, and very flavorful ! And it's not spicy, so I'm sure he will be okay with that.

Rian Farisa
Food & lifestyle contributor for several magazines. Blogging at Gastronomy Aficionado

1. Closer attachment with Indonesian food thanks to the duo Williams. It's sad somehow to see that at this level, Indonesian cuisine sometimes hardly receives good treatment or even recognition from the world. While these two Williams are now striving to make it happen and their multiple course dinner of local cuisines from all over Indonesia were indeed an eye-opener for everyone. So yes, my answer would be the Will and Will Gala Dinner at JCF 2012. 

2. I'd take Mario Batali for a fiercely fiery delicious Manado or Lombok cuisines. The term 'spicy' for him will be set on a new level. I'm sure of that!

Blogging at Jenzcorner.

1. The chance to try a lot of Indonesian food, presented very well by William Wongso & Will Meyrick. Especially WW cookings that has become quite rare to find in Jakarta food places. Also, to take part in hands-on cooking class by Sisca Soewitomo and being able to take home the finished result. I'm not really interested in overseas Chef's cooking show. I personally think Indonesia cuisine is way more complex (spices & ingredients wise). 

2. Definitely street food. I'll take him around traditional market to try 'jajanan pasar', coffee at kopitiam inside the market. What I have in mind is Petak Sembilan & Muara Karang market. 

Yours truly. 
Food & travel storyteller. Tweeting #Livebites at @Wanderbites.

1. I have to say, Will & Will dinner is the highlight. To taste Indonesian food in a way I've never tasted before. It drives me to travel and explore more of our land's culinary treasures. 

2. I'd definitely take Mario Batali to eat Baganese food! Enough said. Well since this is what I know best. He has got to taste Rujak Bagan and see how beansprouts, pineapple, tofu, cucumber, petis, grounded nut, shrimp crackers and chili can make one simply dessert dish with complex taste. 


As the first series of Offbites, I hope you enjoy this post. It will be dedicated for fun, offbeat, but still food / travel related writings. 

So, how did you enjoy Jakarta Culinary Festival? Let me know on the comment below. I believe your words will be a great input for Ismaya too. Oh, and in case you haven't, there are still a lot more interesting stuff happening until the end of the month. Check their official site here

See you around there, 

Fellexandro Ruby
Food & Travel Storyteller / Photographer


  1. Rub, rujak bagan itu khas mana sih? dimana bisa dicari di Jakarta?

    1. Bisa banget. Ada di daerah Teluk Gong, Cha. Pasti bingung yak? Haha.

  2. Yihaaa! Great idea to gathered all the food bloggers in one post! :D

    1. YES! Asik yakk. Ntar gua bikin lagi deh, dgn topik yg berbeda. ;)

  3. Rujak bagan has to be the best rujak in indo!!


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