Friday, May 18, 2012

[Misi 21] Day #2 - Does Water Have Taste?

Yes. To my own shock.

There's even a world International Water Tasting competition held annually.

This curiosity started some time ago in a conversation with a good friend of mine, Daniel Kaurranny, an aspiring coffee consultant. We were talking about beans, wine, and somewhere along the line he mentioned that if you took four different brand of water, you could taste differences among them.

Today I took the challenge as part of Misi 21. I've got in my hands those bottled water, as you can see from the caps.

After sterilizing my tastebuds, here's the note of my tasting:

Dark Blue - I breathed in several times and noted a smell similar to those gallon cleaning wet tissue. Took a few sip and yes, the flavor started coming out. It was clean flowery on my tongue. Subtle. I lost it sometimes and had it again the other times.

Light Blue - Brand wise, I liked this the most. The packaging, the color, it just gets me. But it did not raise any flavor.

Red - Weird. But on my third sip of this water, I couldn't swallow it. Other than the bitter end, something is just off from this water. I wish I'm a Q-grader and could verbalized it in words.

Orange - One word. Tasteless. Its just bland, which is expected since its distilled water. Which means it left almost zero minerals in the water.

To say that water has a taste is somewhat misleading though. Water at is purest state is in fact tasteless. Biology 101. But what adds the flavor is the minerals. You see, water is universal solvent. That means, it dissolves a little of anything that comes in contact with it. A collection of potassium, magnesium, sodium, collected along the way creates the 'taste' although very subtle.

Subtle. Is today's keyword.

Lesson's Learned
As similar as water appears, even they have a subtlest hint of difference. Something that sets the blue apart from the orange. Imparting this analogy to life. If water can have a 'taste' that defines itself, so do us, humans. Each one of us are created unique, with specific talents, passions and strengths that defines us.

The question is, have you found what sets you apart from the crowd? What's your taste? What's your flavor?

Discover it. Be honest to yourself. Your life will change from that moment forward. Take charge. Think less, feel more.

Until tomorrow,

Fellexandro Ruby

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  1. Both Aqua and Nestle's taste are almost the same. Aqua has a bit of 'coconut watery' taste. I taste them. Seriously. But it's good.
    That's what makes it one of the best thirst quenchers. For me.

    And oh.
    I like chairs and collect papers. Haha

  2. There's a particular brand of Sydney's bottled water whose taste is very different from the others. You can very easily distinguish that one, it has bitter aftertaste and some weird notes..I can't explain it better though hehe. A very interesting post, Rubs! :)

  3. Feeling a bit smarter after reading the post hahaha. Don't fail the misi 21 and don't forget to post it each day. So interesting with the addition of your wise words

    1. Thanks Paulus =D It is hard to come up and actually do something new and worthy everyday. Will do my best!

  4. first thing first, "sterilizing my tastebuds"nya pake apa? air juga? :D

    mungkin perlu diketahui kemasannya juga, aq** gelas and brothers taste awful, apalagi kalo kena sinar matahari langsung, rasa plastik...

    1. Not eating anything after brushing teeth in the morning. Must have eaten nothing for 2 hours, then taste the four water.

      Noted, makanya biasanya di bungkusnya tertulis "simpan di tempat sejuk dan hindarkan dari matahari langsung." Jangan dipakai berulang" juga botol yg sama. =)

  5. Always a nice post, and glad that our random talk brought inspiration :)

    Rubs, don't forget that different sources of the water will also affect the taste, even from the same brand. Check their source: Babakan Pari Sukabumi, Gn. Salak, and any other places...

    Interesting isn't it?

    Because what we drink (and eat) is a combination of all things geography, anthropology, chemistry, physics, biology... Ah, I'm writing too much :p

    Cheers mate!