Friday, January 13, 2012

Wanderbitesfav Giveaway Winners!

Hi Biters and everyone who has tweeted with #wanderbitesfav hashtag in the last three weeks. It has given me a good idea of the kind of post I'd be doing this year. All your tweets are in and are counted when you've followed all the giveaway rules as I stated before on this post. And I'd like to thank everyone who's sent us their love. Much appreciated. =D

Without further adue, after a quickdraw by a random number generator, WE HAVE OUR WINNERS! Please welcome them *drumrollsss*

You two are entitled for a boxful of six Pannacotta made fresh by Pannacotta Etc. I'll DM you on Twitter where and when to pick them up.

And we also have a SURPRISE WINNER which goes to ..

Haha. Enjoy those Pannacottas Mi, I hope I don't ruin your newly restarted twentytwelve workout plan. And happy belated birthday. You know how to reach me to pick up the prizes.

Again thank you all for a dazzling 2011. Happy new year everyone, I'm up for another amazing years with you Biters. There's gonna be a whole lot of improvement and new stuffs, so tune in and drool on! =9

Much Love,

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Conversationalist & Photographer

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  1. Million thanks, Ruby! :) :) sampe ngiler kebawa mimpi pannacotta *beneran* waktu itu gw, hahahaha.. bakal kesampean ya akhirnya nyicipin ini :)


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