Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This Is How We Celebrate Christmas in TAG

TAG stands for Totally Awesome Generation, a gathering of youth age eleven to fifteen. Imagine these active, creative, and LOUD teens as a seed, then TAG is the ground who provides the nutrients, who nurtures, and where they lay a strong foundation.

As I move nearing my second year in TAG, I've seen a lot of improvement in many of them. I enjoy seeing them pursuing their talent and passion. What was once a blank canvas, has started showing its face. Now we have dancers, guitarists, breakdancers, footballers, drummers, bassist, photographers, leaders, horse jockey, singers, actors, actresses and many more waiting to be unraveled.

I, myself is challenged to improve. Just as I posted a year ago here. I kept my vision clear this year, that is to grow the photographer in me, skill wise, gear wise and art wise. My very first post in 2012 is dedicated to you Taggers. Enjoy these photos.

FYI, this is how we celebrate Christmas : Stealing Santa. That means everyone bring their own gift, then we collect them together, and then draw numbers to decide in order who gets the turn to pick gifts. Once you've taken a present, the next guy after you have the chance to steal your present or get a new unopened one. You can see the hype as people started stealing each other gifts.

Alrighty, let the pictures speak for itself.

Happy New Year Taggers,

Your Mentor

Hmm. Should I get a big one, or a heavy one, or .... ?

Cruel mentor, stealing from the kids.

Cruel mentor smiles evilishly.

The 2011 Tees that everyone wanted!

Ah, the happy faces

And the not-so-happy faces ...

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