Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kue Balok - Not Just A Sideshow At Nasi Bancakan Bandung

We correlate sideshow to something subordinate, or at a lesser appeal compared to the main attraction. Come to a circus and you'll find the little tiny games booth as an addition, an option that's indifferent to your overall experience. It's the exact opposite here at Nasi Bancakan. Separated from the main courses where people took the patience to queue, Kue Balok is placed at a corner (well not exactly a corner, but you get what I mean). However, I find it is not in many ways, inferior to the mains. In fact, on my short trip to Bandung, I came here specifically just for Kue Balok.

It is actually a pretty simple mix of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter cooked in an unique way. The dough is  'ovened' using a classic anglo fired with charcoal, both from the top and the bottom. The result is an evenly baked Kue Balok with a soft texture and a little crackery surface. The pictures below will do a better depiction of the lovely piece of bread. I love tearing it in two and breathe in the buttery smell. Tastewise, I like the comfort it gives being not to sweet and all. Munch it in slowly, close it with a glassful of hot tea and its just perfect for an afternoon break especially on a gloomy rainy Saturday like now.

I read from Nguliner that it is used to be called Jibeuh a.k.a hiji oge seubeuh (one's enough to make you full). I doubt that, I myself ate half a box to satisfy my appetite. Haha. Found mostly in the city of "Kang", 'Tehh" and names repetition, I'd refer Kue Balok as Bandung / Sunda specialties, even though the actual origin is still unknown. I wonder what would happen if somebody dares to brand it, and call it 'Official Bandung's Gift'. Hmm.. I mean don't you had enough of Kue Bolen already?

It is a possibility, considering their very own city mayor, Dada Rosada is a big fan of it. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

Until then, enjoy these photos. Oh, and if anybody has tasted the more popular Kue Balok at Abdurahman Saleh, Bandung, do let me know how it compares to this. =)

Hatur Nuhun,

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  1. kayanya enak nih, simple kuenya...anglonya itu lohhh bikin enak kayanya hueheue

    1. Yesss, mantapp pas panas" dibelah, yumm wanginya keluar semuaaa

  2. Aha! I've ever reviewed Nasi Bancakan too.. :)

    Kue baloknya memang legit and the other menunya juga ok banget. Bumbu2 di masakannya resep banget and khas Sunda sekali.. Jadi pengen ke situ lagi.. :9


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