Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mie Naripan Bandung - Word of Mouth or Worth of Mouth?

Who would have thought that a quick trip to Bandung will eventually end up as one joyful day of food discovery (and shopping of course =p). It was a very well spent Saturday. Having nothing on our plan, Mie Naripan was the first pit stop that we decided to venture out. I guess it's a no-brainer with so much praise about this place heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a ... well you get the idea. I even emptied my stomach since morning only to prepare my appetite for it. Did it live up to my expectation? Has it worth the long drive and the sacrifice? We'll see.

What you see in the opening photo is their signature savory pork noodle. And underneath was the accompanying bowlful of tripes, meatballs and dumplings soup.

Tripes, Meatball, Dumpling Soup w/ Noodles (37k)
Noodle Factory Line

It hurts for me to say that despite of all the word-of-mouth, I did not find it special. Well, the tripes soup is something unordinary, but I've tasted tastier one in Pademangan. As for the noodles, they should thank the chili sauce for bringing out the flavor that it lacked off, and for helping the chopped meat to stand out. It was for me, not a bar higher than ordinary. It was good, but not to the point that would make me wanna drive another two and a half hour for it.

I'm still curious with their sweet yamie though. Anyone has a comment on that? Please don't tell me I just made a serious disadvantage ordering the savory noodle instead of the sweet one. But still, fire away the truth if you have tasted both.

Now, here's a little sideway attraction that I found quite satisfactory. The fried meatballs. Dip it in the sauce and its a feast on the tongue, especially for those who fond of spicy food.

Fried Meat Ball

Another attraction for me is the history. I can feel the cultural ruins of this place and how it made its mark among Bandung citizens. Being named after the street it's on is one. The Mister / 'Ngko' who's still cooking behind the noodle factory line is two. And the endless crowd of people coming in is three. My take is that, Mie Naripan has been a part of the community as the people grew along, hence eating there is now more of a nostalgic experience, instead of a culinary feast. On the extreme, it might be a similar case to Zangrandi ice cream in Surabaya. It's not a top notch ice cream we know, still we love coming there for the love of the experience, not particularly the taste I reckon. Well, one visit might not do the justice, I'm still up to dig some more from this place. But as for now, this is it.

Typical Interior of A Chinese Noodle Place - Calendar, Calendar, Calendar

One more Bandung adventure is coming. O wait! Two more! And it involve a recently opened joint. So tune in, eat up, and live large!


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Mie Naripan
Jl. Naripan No. 108, Braga, Bandung
Ph: 022 - 4205516
Also available in:
Jl. Bulevar Barat, Komp. Ruko Kelapa Gading Square, Italian Walk Blok B No. 48B


  1. I didn't find Mie Naripan that special too.

  2. shittt mannn !!
    the photos is always fabulously taken , did you use external flash ?

    Naripan is always good to me too :) delicious as always, by the way, 3 more hours to Tasikmalaya and i gonna take you ' Bakmi Rally all day long ' :D

    1. I wish I could use external flash. But with live reporting like this, it's a lot of hassle, plus I didn't want to attract too much attention. =)

      I'm in for Tasik-Noodle-Rally! When? =D

    2. when you're near tasikmalaya, and then when i'm in tasikmalaya bruuu !! so i could give you a tour then :D

  3. yeah.... sorry ruby but the sweet one is wayyyy tastier (altho i find rather "nothing special" than the noodles in Jakarta. Try mie rica in Braga Area, it's sthing different and yummy

    1. Ouch. Truth hurts. I knew I should've ordered both sweet and savory. Oh well... Braga noted for the next trip, doctor! I heard from Ve Handojo, Bakmi Linggarjati is recommended as well.

    2. i know that too.. bakmi Rica jalan Kejaksaan, just slight off to the alley in braga, turn right before "bebek garang", i suggest you walk down the road rather than use a car

  4. Makin lama your photography makin too good to be true, Rub. Haha. It's true.


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