Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Now Cooking - Hartwood Bandung

Humongous neon light, crowds of stylish looking yuppies in their prime, breeze of air contained with smoke of cigars, low lights, tight seating, continuous conversations and sudden burst of laughs in the background.

This is Hartwood.

As a brand new establishment in Bandung, Hartwood looks to appeal against the typical Bandung foodplace, probably segmented to the middle upper manhattan people especially looking at its pricing. Does it serve a previously uncharted market? I'd like to believe so.

Take a look at this Braised Short Ribs, claimed as one of the chef's specialty. Too bad, on my visit, it was not up to par with its price tag (110k). I admit the meat was well cooked. Soft, tender, well seasoned and the likes. Somehow reminds me of the dinner I had at Otel Lobby. However, on my third bite, as I began to incorporate my other senses, in this case, my nose, I found a rather distasteful smell which kinda ruin the whole thing. Not to mention the cold pieces of broccoli that serve more as a decor rather than a compliment to the whole meal.

Braised Short Ribs (110k)
Tenderloin Steak (58k)
Determined to find the best menu to represent Hartwood, we decided to have Tenderloin Steak as second main course, but I guess luck is not on our side that night. Although the steak was prepared in good manner, it was not particularly special to my liking.

Being only on their second month of opening, I suppose these things are expected. Tolerance are extended. A little inconsistency within limit is arguable. If fate allows I might like to venture this place once more and hopefully find the one thing that make Hartwood stood out among the rest, other than its fancy-cozy interior.

In comparison with the many clueless new foodplace in PIK with little sense of direction in taste, I hope they could prove themselves soon. At the mean time for me its not more than a place to see and be seen. I'd go anywhere next door to please my appetite.


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Hartwood - Gourment  & Grind
Jl. Cimanuk 12, Bandung
Ph: +62224240655
Twitter: @Hartwood_

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