Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Downtown Bistro : A Mashup Of Flavor

Asian, European, American or Italian, from main course to dessert, this new kid on the block made quite a statement on its opening night. Lining up on a timely manner was a series of signature dishes expected to stood out among the long list of equally interesting menus. Some of them really strike a chord in me personally, while some others are possibly variety pleasers. If I were to rerun that night in my own terms, here's how it would be, menu by menu.

Yeas, I'd like to start from dessert please. Hands down, the George Pie and Sticky Toffee Date Pudding was a winner. Possibly on par with my favorite at Cork & Screw. The layers of thinly sliced apple brings out the sweet and sour to the surface, while the crust on the bottom adds a complementary texture.
George Pie (40k)

Sticky Toffee Date Pudding (35k)

My choice of mains will go to either one of these three. Mushroom Soup which was a great warming palette opener, served at the right temperature, although it was a bit on the salty end for me. Otherwise, it was tasty. George Steak cooked at medium rare making it effortlessly edible, despite of the strong seasoning. At some point, it was more Joko dan George. If you know what I mean. And the last of the herd, would be New York Breakfast. This is definitely something I'd like to come back for. One huge plateful of poached eggs, fried bacon, tomato & shrooms. You shall not be disappointed especially with the way they cooked the eggs almost flawlessly.
Wild Mushroom Soup (29k)

New York Breakfast (82k)

The George Steak (175k)

And if I still have a few rooms for more, I would venture their Chinese inspired Orange Chicken and Italian inspired Escargot Linguine Pesto. The former I reckon was appetizing with the saucing. While the latter showed a pleasing pasta. Visually appealing and one flavorful spicy meal.
Escargot Linguine Pesto (57k)

Orange Chicken (45k)

I must say I'm intrigued by Downtown Bistro and what's more to come from this foodplace. Other than the food, I enjoyed the atmosphere it creates with the library tables. I can see myself typing on my Macbook, spending a workday here while listening to the jazzy tunes in the background. Ain't that lovely?

Love and flavors,

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Conversationalist & Photographer

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Downtown Bistro
The Landmark Centre
Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 1
Ph: 52960064


  1. newest place in town ya, kayanya enak nih... deket kantor pula, bole lah dicoba :P

  2. The thing that draws me most to this place is the cozy New York bistro kinda feel and the not too crowded al fresco dining area.. The service attendant was prompt and service was with a smile..

    I've visited this place 3 times in 1 month span and had the Sticky Date Pudding and the Affogato in all three :)

    The appetizer sampler didn't quite get me in the nom nom mood as the BBQ Chicken was a bit too sour for a BBQ Sauce for my liking and the Calamari was a notch too bland for me. The quesadilla was not bad though :)

    I got to nibble on some of the Spaghetti Carbonara that my friend had, and it was rich in creamy and the pasta was perfectly cooked..

    Ohya.. The Longan Martini hits right spot on my second visit there.. Definitely pop in there again anytime soon :)


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