Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Very First Kitchen Table at Otel Lobby Jakarta

chef's table is a table located in the kitchen of a restaurant reserved for VIPs and special guests. Patrons are served a themed tasting menu prepared and served by the head chef. (Wikipedia)
Every foodie must have dreamed about it at least once in their life to have a feel of dining behind the scenes, in the kitchen with all the mess, steam, screams, clings and clatters. It just so happen that I had a chance to experience it a while ago in one of my favorite food place on invitation by Ve Handojo and the head chef herself, Chef Maya Aldy.

As it is with corporate CEO who usually influence his company, the same thing applies here at Otel Lobby. I see the kitchen is somewhat a representation of who Chef Maya is and how she likes to do things. It is totally the opposite of Gordon Ramsay in the TV. It was a rather calm evening, where most things are done in perfect order. I suspect it was intended, the calm was to double the surprise Chef Maya have for us in the meals.

The whole experience felt like a living rendition of Stars, a pleasant 7-minute song by Fun. Long enough to listen to but doesn't bore you, in fact it comes with jolts of excitement, change of pace, and high pitch falsetto in between. 

The first of those was Foie Gras & Duck Confit in Salak Sauce with sliced red & green apple. Served as the opening meal, it continues what Chef Raj left behind on our previous dinner. Playful with an attitude. And a jumpstart for my appetite. If I were a chef, I'd be sitting and thinking "why didn't I thought of that ..."

Change of Pace
Tomato Tart with Mushroom on Pineapple & Tomato sauce. Sweet but not to the edge of being repelling.  As I savored it slowly and feel the play of texture. Everything in the dish was just right for me. The acidity, color, presentation. I'm not a tomato fan, but yes, I'd come back just for this.

The high pitch exclamation came nearing the end of the dinner in the humble form of Mascarpone ice cream. Served with fruits, it enhanced the mix of flavors. Added with the crisp caramel-like bar. I was hooked from the first bite. Overall, every one of the 7-course dinner was a hit in their own way, but I suppose its no fun telling them all here. Its a personal mystery you can uncover yourself. =)

Not only the food but also the companion of Ve Handojo, Jen from Jenzcorner, Daniel Kaurranny, Kenny Santana and Imel Budiman has also played a part in making my very first kitchen table experience a pleasant one. I went home with a smileful of happiness and the tunes of Fun at the back of head playing as the soundtrack.

"And I'd be saying that you, you're always holding on to stars. I think they're better from afar..." 

Cheers to more night like this,

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Conversationalist & Photographer

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  1. foolish, foolish games in that joint

  2. The whole experience is like the song Fun by Stars*, yeah?
    If so, avoid! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!


    *For gawd's sake, the US military has tortured Guantanamo Bay prisoners with way more pleasant songs!

  3. I miss your old layout, Rub! :(

    Anyway, it looked like an awesome private dining. I'm about to try one held by Verjus, will let you know later how it turns out.


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