Monday, March 28, 2011

Luscious Brunch at TWG (And An Interesting Meet-up)

I guess this post left no space for introduction. Meet the world renown brand of tea and their emerging tea salon & boutique, TWG (The Wellness Group). Yes, Tea Boutique & Salon, that's how they differ themselves from countless similar cafes, and they really mean business. You'll be astounded as I was when presented with the extensive selections of more than 300 varieties of tea, picked from the best tea producing countries in the world. India, South Africa, China, Nepal to name a few. For this particular occasion, I chose their recommended 1837 White Tea. It's a specific house blend, meaning you can only find it here. I remember the clean hint of fruits, flowers, with the soothing aftertaste of berries.

What a perfect start for the day.

It was a little after ten at TWG Marina Bay Sands, they were only serving brunch menu which look quite fulfilling. I decided to try out all their macaroons.  And then a very interesting meet-up happened to me right after. One of the waiter served all eight minus one macaroon saying that the color palette looks nicer with seven of them if I wanted to take photos. Very thoughtful of him. This guy is different, I whisper to myself. And so we ended up chatting for quite a while.

Him: "So, you are a food blogger. To which website you contribute to?"
Me: "I sorta have my own domain. Its if you want to have a look."
Him: "Oh, I see. I enjoyed browsing through foodblog as well. So where are you from? Japan I suppose?"
Me: (you know deep down I wanted to say yes =p) "Naah, I'm from Indonesia."

And this where it gets all spiced up

Him: "Really?! Saya juga aslinya dari Solo." (Really?! I actually came from Solo - a city in Indonesia)

That changes the whole atmosphere and I felt home in an instant. He shared how he came to Singapore when he was little and how he started in business major but then fell in love with food & beverage world. With every word he unraveled the story, I can see how passionate he is with his job. So contagious that reminded me of the very reason I'm writing this blog. Such a lovely, warm person he is. If you happen to visit TWG, please please please say hi from me. His name is Sutomo. Don't forget to leave him big tips. =p

Enough with the side notes. Here comes all seven wonderful-luscious-heaven-sent macaroons.

Every macaroon was simply a treat. The layer of skin was in perfect softness and thick in flavor. Not to mention their generous portion of fillings. My personal favorite is the Black (Napoleon Tea & Caramel) and Brown (Chocolate Earl Grey & Chocolate), no explanations needed. Haha. Alternatively, go for Purple (1837 Black Tea & Blackcurrant), Yellow (Lemon Bush) or Hot Pink (Grand Wedding Tea, Passion Fruit & Coconut) for those with a sour tongue. With the Pink (Bain de Roses Tea), it was almost as if I was chewing on rose leave. Its the epitome of flower buds melting in your mouth. The last on the list is White (Moroccan Mint). I never liked mint on cakes, drinks, etc so this easily leave no impression on me.

I'm glad that I've tasted one of the best macaroons in Singapore as acclaimed by Epicurean magazine. It successfully uplift my mood for the rest of the trip. This reminds me of Bittersweet's macaroon. Would Indonesian macaroon stand in par with this? Or how would this compare to Pierre Hermes'? I'm having a hard time to decide especially when the tastes are not apple to apple. But I can say TWG's selections of macaroons is definitely exquisite and few steps ahead. Its a flavorblend quite impossible to get anywhere else.

Also from business point of view, I loved how they separate themselves from competition by focusing to specialize in one area, tea. This set TWG as the standard of the category, and then slowly outgrow their core strength to other delicacies. Here comes the tea-infused macaroons. Its a natural perspective of growth. Just like you and me, we should find one thing that we could be expert in and then use it to serve different areas of our lives. Think about that everytime you have macaroons. Or not. =p

But know that with this strategy, they have over-demand themselves all over Singapore. Started out with one cafe in Raffles City, they've branched out to Ion, Takashimaya, Marina Bay Sands, and about to open one massive store right at the centre of MBS mall. Pretty soon, they will arrive in Jakarta. I have a good feeling somebody will make it happen (maybe me =p). If any of you ready to start, I'm ready to take part. Before that happen, don't miss this place if you happen to be in Singapore. =)

Smile on, Shine On

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Blogger & Photographer
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  1. Finally! the lovely TWG post! *dancing* hihihi

  2. luv luv luv the macaroons' colors...may I ask? What camera & lens did you use to take those pictures?

    my fave pic of this post is the one with stacked macaroons :D

  3. @niyaoke: thankyou =D i know! the stacked of colors is a feast to the eyes. currently using Canon 7D + 50mm + 100mm Macro. =)

  4. how much is it cost for 7 macaroons?

  5. Perfect WB, great compo and love those rainbow-colors of macaroons.
    Always like your blog post Rub :D

  6. @Wakz: thank you feb! =D coming from an awesome photographer like you, that means a lot. *teary eyes* #lebay

  7. uh oh another food porn from u!:p I super LOVE the black and pink (rose) macarons..and please please open one in Jakarta. I'm begging you.hehe

  8. @fooshionista: this is hardcore foodporn =p let's pray it'll open soon, and the one who'll make it happen is US! =p haha

  9. love ur pictures, i want to try the blackie oneee

  10. @goodfoodgoodlife: thankies =D
    @anakjajan: you should, the black one is my personal fav =D

    The black one is my favourite as well! When I bite it's like "OMG, This is heaveeeeennnn~" I am curious about Ladurée though, I wonder if it can be super heavenly since it's very famous worldwide.

    anw, in Singapore rose dessert it's common, I don't think it's common in Indonesia. Well, the first time when you had rose-y dessert you will feel like you are like eating flowers/perfume (That's what I heard from most people) but after a while you will start to enjoy it. Some bakery have Lychee-Rose stuff which I find it a good combination :)
    Have more, get used to it and you will find rose dessert is awesome also ;)

    Like Sutomo, I think I have a big passion in F&B industry also. Start dreaming about opening and indie-graphic-simple-cozy cafe one day :)

  12. @KARTIKA: I WANT TO TRY LADUREE TOO! Its a shame I didn't know about it. I spent the whole summer in Paris in 2009 without trying the good fooood. =(

    ME TOO! I always wanted to have a foodplace of my own. Go back here you, lets share ideas. Nice to met someone that share the same passion. =D


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