Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Me vs. The Hottest Chili (Bhut Jolokia)

Holla Wanderbiters! Some of you might've heard I joined one eating contest about two weeks ago. Held at Kamikaze Kaarage, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. It was a contest unlike any other. The challenge wasn't only about how much you can eat but also how far you can handle one of the hottest chili pepper in the world.

Bhut Jolokia, or Ghost Chili as its more popularly known was once the hottest chili in 2007, until replaced recently with Naga Viper. Bhut Jolokia is claimed to be 400x hotter than Tabasco. Now you get the idea why the event organizer on this eating contest have all 13 participants signed an agreement. It more or less say:

"I know I'm going to do something stupid brave, therefore I release the organizer of any obligation shall anything happen to me." 

The rules of the game was simple.

  1. It will be held in stage. At each level, within 5 minutes each participant is required to finish three tebasaki (chicken wing) coated with Harakiri sauce (yes, that's how they name their chili sauce with Bhut Jolokia).
  2. After eating, participants are not allowed to drink anything for five long minutes. This is the afterburn process.
  3. It will definitely get hotter with higher intensity of Bhut Jolokia at higher level. 
  4. The level is endless. 
Here, you can see the guy coating the Tebasaki has to wear goggles as the chili sauce easily iritate the eyes. 

It was a hell lot of fun when I know one of my colleague from college days took part in this challenge as well. You can see more of his comical and hilarious act on the video embedded at the end of the post. Or, alternatively go and find his musings on Twitter at @superseru. Added to the fun was meeting my other college friend, @ir_van who was supporting all of us.

And so the challenge start, on the first level, one man down, and easily lost to the heat. If you had tried Kamikaze Karaage's Kamikaze sauce, then this one is a couple level hotter than that. You can tell by the name of the sauce, Harakiri sauce. On the second level, two more guys gave up. Strangely the girls were proven to be better in handling spicy sauce. On the third level, it was a whole 'notha level. You can tell by the amount of people holding up white flag. Eight participants down! That means two left on the hot spot. That was me and another woman, Mariska. Battling for the crown, battling for one iPod Nano.

In case you're wondering, here's a snapshot of me on the third level and the fourth level. I kinda think I got braincramp on the fourth level.

Pretty much alive. But no longer on level four.

I was totally wasted on chili sauce. ><" Here's a peek of the fully coated Tebasaki in level four. It was more like eating chili with chicken, than eating chicken with chili.

Still haven't got the idea? Wondering what happens on the final round? Find the complete recap in the video down here. I went through all this challenge for you Wanderbiters, everyone who has supported me all the way. I hope you enjoy it. Click! Comment! And subscribe (there's a little surprise I'm preparing for the moment, you don't want to miss it) =)

Yours hottily,
Fellexandro Ruby

(Video recorded by @andreasharon_)


  1. thanks goodness you are still alive till now. hahah.

  2. jah kalah.. coba lo ksh tau gw.. gw tu maniak pedes.. serius.. gw yakin bisa menang

  3. @ferdian: yokk ikut lagi fer! next challenge di bulan juni!

    @jeanice: TGIA(Thank God I'm Alive)! But i missed the good food on OnOn wedding =(

  4. at least your tounge is still working now

    cheers ☺

  5. Oh my... seriously you are a very brave guy!!! Especially when I read the part of the next challenge in toilet until 2 days after!!! Did you get diarrhea?

  6. Waaa... jadi pengen nyoba, masih ada ngga menu ini di Kamikaze Kaarage?

  7. wahwahwah, nanggung banget, syg banget udah tinggal berdua, stlh makan pedas gitu musti minum susu putih buat netralin perut

  8. @Selba: let's just say, i became best friends with my toiletseat. we had a lot of sharing and bonding. =p

    @Jenz: menunya bisa dipesan dulu jen, nanti disiapin. happy trying =D

    @AnakJajan: ada lagi ni kompetisi yg sama, bulan juni, berani? =p

    @goodfoodgoodlife: it was "HELL" lot of fun hahaha

  9. i tried this ! tapi makan itu chicken lama2 agak enek yah.. maybe bcos of all the oil ? lol..
    i love the burgers though..

  10. @michelle_: the oil! yes! some friends have also mentioned that to me. tapi g tetep doyan sama pedesnya. =p *bebal*

  11. Like it! really enjoy the video! Can not imagine how hot it was..-__-"

  12. @Riana: Glad you enjoyed it =D, Give it a try on the less-hot menu, or if you dare, join the next competition in June =p

  13. syaratnya apa emang buat ikut gituan ?? gw minat hauhaua

  14. saya bangga padamu nak!hahahahaha

  15. @sara: makasih mama, semua ini hanya untuk membuat mama bangga. *nangis tersipu*

  16. ruby dimana neh tempatnya?

  17. @MIKEBUN: Di Grand Indo Lt. 3A Mike. YOu should give it a try. Kapan balik Jakarte? =D

  18. humm, berbahaya banget ga sih pedasnya? mr jajan mao ikut sepertinya utk lombanya tgl 18june ini, kemarin sblm ato sesudah lomba minum susu ga? itu bisa buat netralin pedas

  19. @ANAK JAJAN: kalau berbahaya sih, definitely harus dipikirkan baik" sebelum join, kalau ada kelainan perut / usus seperti maag dll, mending di skip aja. even the prizes, they don't worth the pain. klo tetep join its okay, as long as you know your limit. ada minum susu nya, setiap abis one round.

  20. icic, itu susunya disediain yah ama kamikazenya? tiap selesai rondenya dikasi minum susu?
    mang sering makan pedes yah lu? tahan amat ampe ronde ke 4, bagusan yg super duper full cream, apa mending g siapin heavy cream aja kali yaaa biar lebih mantap? hahaha
    bagi2 tips donkkk biar sukses lombanya


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