Saturday, March 12, 2011

Singapore - Every Visit is Different

Greeted by the sun I walked off the aircraft, flight TR2275, safe and sound. With an expectant heart I knew this trip would be short but worthwhile. And indeed it was. Staying at the Marina Bay Sands simply refine this getaway into a whole different perspective.

From the moment I queued in line to check in I've already astounded by the magnificence of this establishment. A glassful of complimentary champagne welcomed me plus a pack of hot towel to wipe off my tired face from waking up early catching the first flight. The height of the ceiling was almost endless creating a majestic look. Having done feasting my eyes with the first-timer excitement, I ran myself to the 16th floor where I was staying. Here, meet the super comfy room. =)

Having traveled to several countries for the past few years, going through sleeping in Eurotrain and airport waiting lounge, plus having spent the past one year sleeping on plywood to heal my backpain, I must say this bunk is a celebration. Clean white sheets, soft pillows, and foamy bed where I can sink all my body weight along with my burdens. Yummy! (I'm sorry I can't escape the foodblogger in me when describing things =p) And so after tasting the bed for a quick while I took off right away to the top, the most wanted place in the hotel complex ... yes, none other than the epicly-awesome 150 meter infinity pool. =D

Went down the elevator. Lower and lower and lower to the basement connecting the mall shops. Yes! Its shopping time!  I didn't plan on buying anything actually. My eyes were rather fixated on one foodplace to another. Browsed through Bean-stro, a developed bistro concept from the original Coffee Bean, then moved to High Society with its plentiful of colorful macaroons and dessert on parade, and finally ... stopped at the one that I can't resist. Eureka! I shouted loudly inside of my head and put a full smile on. =D Here's a little teaser for my upcoming dedicated review of the emerging foodplace, TWG.

Well, I guess one photo is more than enough. =p You just have to wait.

Even when I finished with all that, the night was young. With all the extra dose of excitement left in me and the one hour difference between Jakarta and Singapore, I was more alive than sleepy at 1 a.m past midnight. With nothing to do and nothing to eat, boys night out it will be. And so I went to the famous Marina Bay Sands casino.

It was funny how the securities stopped me at the entrance and asked "Where are you studying in Singapore?". I take that as a compliment, Sir! =P Shocked at first with the amount of cash traded from one table to the other, I held my chips tightly and slowly observed the types of the games. Roulette? Hmm, the stakes are too high. Bacarat? I don't have a single idea what it is. Slots? That would be too boring. Poker? Nah, not in the mood to go gaga. I finally landed my first $25 on a Blackjack table. Learned the easy way that two poke on the table means 'hit me' and a wipe means 'enough'.

First bet. My heart pound. And I won it.
Second. My heart beat faster. And I won it.
Third. I sat on the hot seat.
And as I just began to drown in the game, it was all the way downhill from there.
But anyway, good game. Experience is priceless. Taught me a pretty good lesson. You'd never win in the long run, so cash in as soon as you win enough and leave. =P Greed is the mother of failure here.

Closing on the trip I took a long stroll around the city. Had a nice Chinese dinner by Clarke Quay. Caught some nightlight snapshots. Enjoy the warm breeze. I also realized that with every visit I made to this city, it has always been different. There's always something new to catch.  A new place to go to. An incomparable adventure than before. I guess that's what Singapore is, the constantly developing city. Anywhere you go you'll most like find construction work on progress. This is an ever growing nation and city of its own. One of its kind.

This is Singapore, one thousand and one different ways to enjoy. I love this city already. Don't you? =)

Smile on, Shine On
Fellexandro Ruby

Extra Tips: 
1. Book from Jakarta or any of your local travel agent for a considerably lower hotel booking
2. The room for two is actually big enough to fit four to five.
3. Don't miss the light show started at 6 pm and 11 pm daily
4. Try the Creme Brulee and Roasted Lamb with mint & peppercorn sauce if you have buffet at Rise
5. Free drinks in the casino! =D


  1. amazing pictures and well-written experience! nice take on the black jack story :P... in the mean time, i'll be wandering around here waiting on the TWG story to pop up! kudos babe! haha no more myspace, but kudos to you =)

  2. You should try the room service dessert.
    I forget the name of the dessert, but I think it is something like chocolate cake.
    The cake was something ordinary, but it comes with a jar of fro-yo and it was extraordinary. Better than sour sally or any other fro-yo stall in Indo

  3. @ Andrea: thanks dear, you'll love the TWG post when its up. =D

    @ NiyaOke: wow, coming from a designer, that means a lot. =)

  4. @Anonymous: TEMPTING!

    Biters! Have a look at Anonymous comment. If you ever come to MBS gotta try the room service dessert. I will too on my next visit. Thanks for the trivial tips =DD

  5. I wanna be there soon...*I hope*

  6. AGREE, yes, every visit is different, dan selalu ada yang bikin ingin balik lagi *i dont know why :))*


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