Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Celebration with Pannacotta Etc (And Giveaways!)

" It's the most wonderful time of the year. It's the hap-happiest season of all."

A song by Andy Williams in the 60's and still hitting radioplays until now. What a beautiful legacy one can leave behind. This makes me reminisce a year back when this all started. Have I made a worthwhile legacy, a good pictorial and heads up on each review? With this in mind, will continually evolve and improve.

As some of you might've known, Wanderbites Studio is already underway and I've started photo collaboration with several chefs, restos, and magazines. They can be viewed here. That means you can expect more appetizing foodporn as I develop skills behind the camera. ;) Other than that, several ideas are juggling into culmination next year. Pray that I have extra energy to make it all happen.

To close this year, I dedicated this post, a post of festivity, a celebration of gratitude to you Biters who have been a faithful readers to this blog, to foodplaces who has made my belly happy and happier, to fellow food bloggers who has spiced up my 2011 with joy and laughter. You all have made this year wonderful for me.

I hope you enjoy this post. And read through, I'm giving away PRIZES for two lucky Biters. Alrighty, let's open up the box!


As I first laid eyes on this thing, I found love. It's everywhere as you can see in the design, the details, the colors, the choice of fonts and the wording in the packaging are just lovely. I spent the next 3 minutes observing it. Love does come in a box. 

The people behind Pannacotta Etc must've put a serious thought and effort from conception to execution. Somehow this fueled up my passion. "A thing this awesome deserve an awesome photo as well." I said to myself. Automatically I ran to grab my gears, tables, tablewares, etc etc. Forty minutes after, I was in-the-zone, and here's the outcome. =)

Love in a box <3

I'm always fascinated by foodplaces who only serve a few (or even a handful) of distinct menu to choose from. To one extreme is Rotiboy or Deli Manjoo. It proves an anomali that while you can't satisfy everyone, you can satisfy quite a lot of people with a few option and still keep your business profitable. And now Pannacotta Etc have join the hood I suppose. Three option and that's it. I love how they staged customer's encounter with their products.

The Infatuation begins here says Classic Panna Cotta with Butterscotch
The Celebration begins here says Toffee Nut Panna Cotta with White Cream
The Addiction begins here says Classic Panna Cotta with Baileys

Toffee Nut Panna Cotta w/ White Cream

Classic Panna Cotta w/ Baileys
Among all three I'd say the infatuation is my favorite. Probably it's the first encounter effect, but the slightly bitter yet creamy butterscotch suits my tastebud very well. It reminds me of creme brulee only with a more gelatine-like texture. My second favorite would be .... both of the others. Haha. They're both equally good. And considering the size, I'd say everyone should go through all phase and try out all taste in one run like I did. It ended with a huge grin on my face.


I wish I could meet the founders and say it to them in person. Well, until then I hope you liked the photos and reviews. Oh, and I almost forgot, PRIZES! =D


Here's how you could win a boxful of Pannacotta Etc:
1. Follow our twitter @Wanderbites
2. Choose your favorite blogpost from
3. Tweet it (with links to your fav post), and use the hashtag #wanderbitesfav

This Christmas celebration giveaway opens from today December 24th, 2011 and close on January 10th, 2012 midnight and only for Jakartans (or anybody who's willing to travel to Jakarta to pick up the prizes =p) Two winners will be drawn with random generator. So keep the tweets coming Biters!

I'm looking forward to see your happy faces tasting that Panna Cotta.

Happy Jingling and Twinkle-ing

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  1. Wow, can I also take part in the contest? LOL I TOTALLY want these yummy treats...Haha

  2. OH yess!!! Triple chance for fellow blogger? LOL...kidding la =P

  3. The photos are TERRIFIC Rub! Those pannacottas couldn't be any more dignified than being presented in these awesome photowork.

    Anyway, count me in for the competition! hahaha.

    @Ellyna: Don't tell anyone about the prize, this is just for both of us lol.

  4. @ABE: Thank you thank you. Your tweets are in bro. and @ELLYNA too. As for now, your chances of winning are pretty good.

  5. that Baileys Panna Cotta is looking mouthgasm *drool* i wanna lick my monitor!! #lebay :p

  6. err..i have trouble picking out favorite blogpost, they always look good to me!! That's why i haven't send my tweet(s) yet....

    BTW, Jan 10 kelamaaaan Rubyyy :p cepetin aja deh, ngiler berat gw liat pannacotta ginian. Hahaha.

  7. @THE UGLY DUCKLING: you better join the giveaway then before you ruin your monitor =p

    @UMI: like i mentioned, you're automatically in for the giveaway drawings =))

  8. btw count me in juga yaa.....ud posting di twitter haha, ngiler liat pannacotta nya >.<

  9. meeeeee wanttttttttttttttttt !!!! *baru liat*

  10. love your blog waaa bikin ngiler... itu tmptnya di bandung deket lembang namanya Maja House :) btw nice to know you.

  11. @FOOLOSOPHY @NATASHA: HAYUKKK CEPET! Tinggal seminggu lagiii =D

    @ANITA PUTRI: Noted! Nice to know you too Anita.

  12. Love this review! Just got the whole big box of this lovely dessert, sent by a friend. can't wait to try them all!!


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