Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gelare! - Evening Snacking Turned Into Brain Exercise

"Bro, where you at?"
"I'm just about to grab dinner." 
"Where to?"
"There's this seafood place I want to try in Pluit. Next to the place where they sell those huge Chinese vases. Drop by, and let's hang out after."


I was just finished with my photo assignment, when the clock ticks to 7.05PM. Its still to early to go home, and too full to grab another dinner. As spontaneous as I always be, I'm lucky that my good friend is ready on the other line to answer that challenge. I was on a good mood for sweets and somehow I couldn't get waffles out of my mind. A little quick drive and we got to Gelare Pluit which share the same building with Cosi and Marutama Ramen. 

Huge waffle straight up with a scoop of ice cream. 

Have to say it is somewhat overpriced. For 48k + 20k (ice cream) it was a little behind from satisfactory. The waffle was tasteless at best without the addition of whipped cream and maple syrup. Although it was served hot from the pan, it lacked the buttery smell that turns on appetite. 

Despite of the food, good thing I had a good convo. From passion, to challenging the status quo in wedding industry, to wedding ideas to lovelife. I ended up taking a brain exercise on how to market a service without a marketing budget. Anyhow, it was a Saturday well spent. 

To close with, I have to say, A&W waffle still rules. Any of you go share the same experience with me? That you go there for the waffle not for the fried chickens? Let me know if you do. 


Fellexandro Ruby
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Gelare - All Natural Ice Cream
(Shared building with Marutama Ramen & Cosi)
Jl. Pluit Putra No. 15 A
Ph: 021-66607125


  1. gw ska si gelare waffle nya, fluffy gitu tapi musti pake maple syrup nya agak banyak :)

    the winner for me is still pancious, chocolate waffle with vanilla ice cream

  2. i've lived in Pluit my whole life but only visited this place once.. i am not a fan of their dishes.. i think i'm on board with u


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