Thursday, August 23, 2012

39, Private, Drinks & Fun.

I'll give you time to connect the dots.

Get it? Nope? Alright, I'll lay it down for you. 

I was abducted one afternoon by a friend whose name I cannot disclose. There were three of them, one oil-taipan and her majesty, one swagmaster with smooth taste and one silent driver with the look of a Hongkong mob. My eyes were not shut but I had no idea where we were going.  I can only recall Marvin Gaye's Lets Get It On in the background, looping on repeat, and that we were going central north. I toned down my voice as I started to feel drowsy. Less than half an hour later, we were at a tall building which look like an oasis in the midst of uncertain neighborhood that surrounded it. 

Empty building. A few stories high. Out in the yard were the trained securities dressed like coming out MIB-II. Would that make me the aliens in weird voice? Sort of. I'm alien to this place indeed. 

Astounded as I have never been to see a great selection of brandy and other sort of liquor, those that are rather hard if not impossible to find in Jakarta. Yes, they were all imported or brought over from overseas at cost for personal consumption. 

It was a little late afternoon, but somehow the mood to drink was right. And swagmaster who happens to be quite a barista / mixologist himself took the chance to show us what he's got. The appetizer of the night was Guinness Draught. Unlike the usual Guinness you found here, it contains lower alcohol content of only 4.8%, while the taste is somewhat light and classier. I wasn't a big fan of black beer until I was introduced to it. Only a big fan would go as far as bringing the agitator needed to prepare this Dublin-made thirst quencher into a true draught. And the swagmaster has it! Including the UK pint! 

Take a look at the video to get an idea of what this awesome thing did to the beer. 

Not stopping at that, the swagmaster was determined to keep his private guests 'afloat' and made us his signature drink, The Chocolate Birthday Cake. Drink it with your eyes closed, and I swear it was as if a chocolate cake was turned into liquid and actually tasted good. 

Chocolate Birthday Cake & Veuve Clicquot Champagne

From there conversations has gone ballistic from the talk of business, to men's ears only, but I suppose it was only natural with the amount of alcohol consumed. The fun & happiness level is in parallel increase to the amount of drinks we had. We broke Thomas Maltus & David Ricardo's theory of diminishing marginal return. Screw economics! In fact, it can only goes up when a little while after, the swagmaster took out the 'green fairy'. Yes, it is none other than La Fee Absinthe Parissien. Once was banned in the US, this particular drinks was popular with Parisian artist, from the likes of Van Gogh. It was a very strong drink (considering the 68% alcohol content), with an intense flavor of wormwood herb and anise. 

La Fee Absinthe - Halfway prepared.

Super. It was. Turned into Yoda, I have. Awesomeness. 

As with a great appetizer, we ended up with a fine closure. He served us this fine bottle of bubbly champagne, the orange label, the one and only Veuve Clicquot

I don't usually mix drinks. You know what happened the morning after when you forced it. Good thing I managed to keep my sanity, and control what goes into my mouth. Even with that, I ended up with a very early sleep at about 9PM. It was a total black out after that. The next thing I know was morning, and that I have to go on my running jog. 

And jog, I did. Still Yoda. I suppose the side effect is still there. 

From the underground, I'm bringing you the one and (might be) only review ever made on this private bar. Location still undisclosed. But you're allowed to get creative. Hint: Lounge 39

Cheers. I mean it really, grab your drink. Cheers. 

(All photos taken & edited using iPhone4).

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  1. I've certainly been there! That Guinness Draught is really something !

  2. How is it possible to visit the lounge? I'm really interested! Nothing like it in jakarta...

  3. good thing u still managed to wake up the next morning for a jog.. From the way u described all the drinks made me curious about the taste, but in reality I know that I just can't appreciate alcoholic drinks.. I am such a loser when it comes to drinking.. lol

  4. want to know about the nest grill, do you have any recommendation for the menus?

    by the way, do visit my food blog as well

  5. @NELSON: Toast for being one of the few who've been there ;)

    @ANONYMOUS: I'm sorry, I couldn't disclose the location. A promise is a promise. =) Its mostly for close circles only.

    @ELVINA FEBRIANI: I'm no less a loser than you in alcohol. Haha. I'm just curiouser.

    @ELVIRA SANJAYA: Are you two like sisters? What's with the name?

  6. actually we both went to the same primary school and we both were born on the same day, just different years.. ahahaha

    1. so you two know each other? and both are now foodblogging? how awesome is that! =D

  7. Hello Happy New Year 2013!!

    It is actually possible to visit Lounge 39.

    Please email your CV to we will contact you once a spot is available...

    Lounge 39 (Private Bar and Lounge)


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