Sunday, October 14, 2012

Casa Kemang : A Home Away From Home

Imagine an intimate space resembling your living room, with the complimentary comfort of lounge sofa and eye-pleasing Herman Miller chairs. A home away from home. A place where I could sit at one of relaxing corner, and simply read, write, and get inspired. Come here in the afternoon nearing sunset and you'll get what I mean.

Casa at the top floor of Aksara Kemang has started to hold a special place in my heart after a few visit. Not only because of the creative wavelength that it conveys for photographers and writers like me, but also the selection of food that it caters. Rarely do I meet a foodplace that serves a range of culinary treat from local nasi goreng to Italian pasta and present it equally well. 

At this particular occasion, I happened to taste a variety of flavor which I find quite satisfactory. For those who love details like I do, let me take you through it. For quickie fetished, I wouldn't mind you simply drooling over the pictures. ;) 

The very first two menu that always came to my mind is their Javanese Oxtail Fried Rice (IDR 65.000) and Baked Nachos with Guacamole & Jalapeno (IDR 45.000). The earlier because of its flavorsome fried rice served at the right warmth. The grilled oxtail easily complement the rice with each bites. While with the latter, it is a perfect snacking devices while having conversation about whatever with your food safari partner. 

Javanese Oxtail Fried Rice (IDR 65.000)

Baked Nachos with Jalapeno & Guacamole (IDR 45.000)
Ice Lychee Tea

On the runner up list are Salmon Teriyaki (IDR 75.000) and Banana Pannenkoek (IDR 45.000). As a dessert, something this sweet rarely fails me, the only set back if there was any probably was the cushy texture of the pancake and the banana that makes it rather one-dimensional on the tongue. However, if you ever only needed one dessert, I would surely recommend you their Chocolate Fondant  (IDR 45000) instead. Dip in the soft choux in the depth of melted chocolate, shatter in the sugar powder. As diabetic as it might sound, it is that good. 

Salmon Teriyaki with Rice (IDR 75.000)
Banana Pannenkoek (IDR 45.000)
Chocolate Fondant (IDR 45.000)

Bitten-proved by W! 

Here goes lazy reader, to sum up: inspiration-inducing ambience, great variety of food, good music and a lot of sunlight. Happiness is that simple. Take a visit, and tweet me what you think @Wanderbites. 


Fellexandro Ruby 
Food Storyteller & Photographer


Jalan Kemang Raya No. 8B 
Ph: 021-7199289
Twitter: @casa_kemang


  1. too bad it's very far from my house. Love the ambiance there too, lazy sunday afternoon with a novel at casa is sooo relaxing

    1. Too bad, the later it gets, the unbreathable the air gets. If you smoke this would be the perfect place. =p

  2. Masih penuh asap rokok gak ? dulu kesana gak ada area bebas rokok nya..sekrang gimana ?

    1. Feb, sayangnya masih bebas ngerokok. Come around 2-4ish. Ga gitu rame dan lebih sedikit populasi yg ngerokok (biasanya).

  3. i used to work at Canteen Plaza Indonesia as a server and wine butler there.. udah pernah review Canteen belum? Canteen dan Casa satu perusahaan dan masih satu owner dengan Union, Loewy, dan Cork&Screw.. Would you like to review Canteen? I just want to know what do you think about that both restaurant coz actually they have a same concept.. thanks before.. ;)

    1. Hi Irin, I've visited Canteen some time ago. Cork & Screw and Union is also one of my go-to places. I must say this group is good with their desserts. Outstanding. For the food or any further comments I might need several more visits. Would you like to sponsor? =p



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