Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wakai B-Side Plaza Indonesia : Is It More Than Meets The Eye?

Cozy. Rustic. Youthful.

Yes, it is an extension of the shoe shop. One simple cannot walk by the fourth floor of Plaza Indonesia without noticing this new establishment. Especially now that social media hype has created the peer pressure that if you don't have a pair of Wakai shoe, you're uncool. Well, I don't give a damn. Nothing's new actually, I've got one of those shoes way back in zero-eight (see picture ;p).

Well, what good is all that, cause eventually it comes down to the food they serve on the table. In fact, what made me pay a visit was hearing that First Love Pattisserie Mille Crepes is on the menu here for IDR 35k / slice. Much better than paying for the whole cake.

Origami Cake Green Tea (Mille Crepes) - IDR35k
Origami Cake Original (Mille Crepes) - IDR 35k

Here I got the Origami Cake Original & the Origami Cake Green Tea. I still love the earlier better than the latter. The highlight of the original version was the first layer of caramel. I usually cut the slice from top to bottom, munch it slowly, and let the sweet creamy fillings blends with the comfort of rather smoky caramel flavor. I couldn't get the same fulfillment eating the green tea mille crepes. The flavor was shaky, I'm not too sure if they really want to show the tea. My benchmark would be TWG specialty macaron in Singapore. Each and every one of it really stood out with character.

Not satisfied with that, I tried to be adventurous and ordered their Baked Mochi. Why? Cause it just sounds sexy. It turned out sexy indeed visual-wise, but taste-wise, its questionable. Enlight me though, does your idea of mochi is that thick-skinned, hard to chew thing, with untasty fillings?

Baked Mochi - IDR 24k.

I've tried 3 out of their 6 dessert menu. That's half of it. And I guess half is good enough to make an overall view of this foodplace. I say yes. And if you've been reading from head to toe, I'm pretty sure the question in the title is answered.

In cased you missed it. It says: "Not Really."


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  1. LOL totally agree, weird place ehhh

  2. Have you tried Champs Patisserie's Mille Crepe? They are taste so awesome that I could eat the whole cake alone.. go check them at PIK Food Plaza, or see their website,! I think that they are worth trying! :))

  3. Have you tried Champs patisserie's Mille Crepe? That is so good that I can even eat a whole cake by myself. They are located at PIK Food Plaza, take a look for some of their product at! I think they are worth the visit. :))

    1. Hi Andy, I've heard praises of Champ from Jenzcorner as well. I might give it a visit. Thank you for the heads up. =D

  4. Amaze-balls! Drooling over your photographic masterpieces! Congratulations on the honor. Truly deserved!

    1. Thank you, TDW. Doing the photo diplo-style! =D

  5. wah, so eager to try the origami cake, looks tempting.
    anyway, good luck for the blog award
    thanks for sharing :)

  6. agree, not as good as it looks..

  7. Haven't had the chance to try this place but some people raved about the desserts. Based on the picture alone, the baked mochi looks more like pao de queijo, a chewy Brazilian cheese bread (available at Lee's bakery in Food Hall). I heard the origame cake comes from First Love stall downnstairs?


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