Wednesday, March 6, 2013

La Creperie PIK : Crepes, Galettes & Beer

If at the moment there's such an award as most promising eatery in Pantai Indah Kapuk, my vote will go for this one. La Crêperie has what it takes to prevail. A spacious and well designed area, an ambience that soothes at any time of the day, a good service, and most importantly a line of specialty dishes that makes you keep coming back for more.

The crêpes here are by far the closest I've met to original, so much that it sends me back to that little place in Montparnasse, a couple blocks from the Metro. Yes, you will not find one of those super crispy faux crepes. What you'll have instead is a thin layer of smooth and soft pancake.

Not stopping at that, La Crêperie also make a clear division of sweet (sucre crepes) made from wheat flour and savory (galettes) made from buckwheat flour. The latter is the typical Brittany meal that eventually spread throughout France. If you notice La Crêperie lighthouse logo, then you'll get the breton spirit embodied in it.

Crêpes with home-made salted caramel and peach (IDR 53k)

On my plate was the sweet crepes with homemade salted butter caramel and peach. My friend had the similar one with chocolate and salted buter caramel. Although I had a moment of questioning whether the fruit was fresh or canned, it was scrumptious. Any sweet tooth like me could easily fell for these two. A smooth textured crepes with generous toppings. Enough said.

Gotta admit I was so tempted to chill on my favorite Alben's cider, but common sense won. I would've gone sugar-high if I opted for that. I decided a bottle of Heineken is equally pleasing for that warm sunny afternoon. Too bad it came out not as ice cold as I expected to. Far from the minus two rule of thumb.

Gotta love the chairs! I wanna take 'em home!

Crepes with salted caramel & chocolate. (IDR 49k)

Sailor theme all over the place.

Having crepes and galettes as their main course is a daring venture, considering typical Indonesian belly that needs far more carbs to satisfy their hunger. I myself still see it in the go-to dessert place category. I have this believe though, that a food place need to have a signature item that pulls people to come back.  Lucky for them, I think La Crêperie has it. Just gotta watch for the price tag. We have a rather price sensitive crowd here in PIK and I keep finding from time to time that the most sustainable food place here are the ones who could manage that well.

Bonne chance, au revoir

Fellexandro Ruby
Food Photographer & Storyteller

La Crêperie
Ruko Crown Golf
Pantai Indah Kapuk
(next to Ikkudo Ichi ramen)
Ph: 0896-934-5555-4


  1. The interior and furniture look more pleasing than the crepes on the plate Rub :D

  2. Oh now i will definitely go to PIK to try this 'authentic' crepe. Somehow your words and how you describe it just makes me drool! haha

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

  3. Hello Wanderbites

    First of all, we wanna thank you for the wonderful write up on our restaurant. you guys should try our galettes next time yous are around the area as theyre our mains. Once you pig out on the galettes, the Bretgane ambiance will come along.

    PS (Wanderbites, Leo, Putri, Natasha): Make sure yall look for the owner, if shes around she'll throw you a great deal. Have a great day ahead, we are looking forward to seeing you folks

    La Creperie

  4. Is this the same La Creperie as in Shanghai?

    1. Hi Emely, it does appear to be very similar right down to the menu / logo, I don't dare to make any statement though. I would guess its 'inspired' by the one in shanghai. ;)

    2. Hi Emely

      Yes everything on the menu is the same as those in La creperie hongkong saigon and vietnam. Both my chefs are from Shanghai's branch as well. The owner happened to be an acquaintance of mine thus the full support from him :) drop by if u havent. Cheers.


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