Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wanderbites! Pay It Forward : Winner Announcement

It's been a hectic week. Juggling work, shooting, and moving in to our tiny new studio. Life get's a little off centered every once in a while, but somehow I find myself energized on my busiest day, like today.

Good news, I'm announcing Wanderbites Pay It Forward winner! If you missed what is it about, here's the link about it.

In short, I have received a lot of generosity during Wanderbites food photography journey. From zero client to serving brands like Nestle. In the spirit of paying it forward, we were giving away one free food photoshoot session. They simply need to tweet us their product's photo and added #WanderbitesPIF. Submission was closed February 28th.

We received a loadful of entries.

There are a few who bake cakes and sell them online. There are a few who recently started their own restaurants. There are also one who sell my favorite childhood food. Tough choices!  However, we can only pick one winner. Now, who could that be?

With the help of random generators, we have found our winner, and that is .... *drumrolls*


Please shoot us an email at wanderbites@gmail.com with the subject "Let's Make Awesome Photo!" and we'll talk to you on the details of the photoshoot date, we'll discuss ideas on creative execution and lotsa more. Can't wait to put the exclamation mark on your cheeses. They deserve it.

For those who have participated but haven't got the luck, don't worry about it, you can still pay us for the photoshoot. =p


Fellexandro Ruby
Food / Travel Photographer & Storyteller

Snack on my tweets @Wanderbites ;)

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