Monday, March 18, 2013

Now Brewing : Djournal Coffee at Grand Indonesia

Because another coffee shop is just what we need, right?

No, that's not sarc, my favorite kind of -asm. It is what it is, a rhetoric. 

There has been quite a rapid shrooming of coffee houses lately. And not just that, the whole industry is getting exciting, from farmers to roaster to traders. It is only natural that a powerhouse like Ismaya crave for a share of the pie. Or maybe they just want to have it in their line of successful portfolio. Whether the earlier or the latter, when they're in the game, they never been less than serious in developing a brand. 

I visited Djournal in Grand Indonesia some time ago for a food photography production meeting. Remember the winner of our free photoshoot session? Yes, we are that serious even though for a pro-bono work. 

My eyes were astounded with the amount of details they put in the design to create an ambience that resembles none of the competitors. A bar that centers the whole area kinda tone down the barriers between patrons and baristas. Stools and chairs that look and feel as vintage as it needs to be. And the striking yet soft in the eye teal color woods. 

In one corner are the cold drip set, in another are the pour over station. It appears that Djournal is not just playing around. They really know what they're doing with the beans. Splat out a few hundred million espresso machine and prepare to be intimidated. At least that's what I thought, being a non-coffee-aficionado myself. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed their coffee too, just in my own amateur way. If I had to choose, I'd rather resort to their selections of dessert or cakes. And I did just that with their Nutella Cake, which was pretty close to scrumptious. It has a creamier outer shell with a layer of choco nutty goodness right in the middle. 

Should this write up do justice? Of course not. Especially for the coffee. I will need help on that part from you. But from what I experienced, as an alternate working space, this is splendid. ;) Right in the middle of the city, comfortable and opens before the mall does. A few cakes and desserts while meeting wouldn't hurt too.


Fellexandro Ruby
Food Photographer & Storyteller


  1. beautipullll pictures as always <3

  2. "No, that's not sarc, my favorite kind of -asm."

    How sad.

  3. Great photos and nice write-up. I've been hunkered down in Djournal for a week now. They know me by name here now and even fended off a guy who got too close to the bag I left unattended while I ordered my tea. Great place!


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