Sunday, June 2, 2013

Get Lost While You Travel! (The One In Twin Peaks)

Seriously, get yourself off-tracked in the middle of nowhere again and again and again until getting lost is something common, then it is no longer a factor for you. In most cases it will even do you more good than harm.

Try this. During my days in San Francisco, I purposefully did not buy any local phone number or any data plan whatsoever. Bye bye mobile internet! This led me to lots of drama and lessons I wouldn't have otherwise. 

Let's Get Lost

I was on my way to Twin Peaks. With elevation of 281m it is the highest point in the city of San Francisco after Mount Davidson. Equipped with the free unofficial map of the city given by my Airbnb host and a few Google Maps photo captured from the desktop PC in our common room, I took off feeling I've loaded myself with all the information needed.

Getting Lost Helps You Find Yourself

Reality bites. After the first bus dropped me off, I couldn't find the next bus I supposed to ride on. Being the Mars man that I am, I refrained from asking and continually consult my map. Seventeen minutes passed and I still have no clue where I am and no appearance of any bus whatsoever. The map is useless as it only show the main roads.

I realized how self-dependent I am, sometimes to the extreme that I can't trust others even for the minor things in life, just because I want to do it myself. Just because I thought I can do it better. Things as easy as asking direction, is something I rather not delegate even though it might just be a 'hello' a way. Oh how I hate to depend on others.

Getting Lost Show Who You Really Are

Lost. I could turn abruptly panicky. I could call the journey off and went home. I could find the easy way out. I could disdain my oath, bought a sim card with data plan and off I go with the help of internet. But I realized I didn't do all that.

Left with no choice, I started asking random people. Turns out a big part of me is actually social.

After the third attempt, guess what? The bus stop was just two blocks away from where I stood. The drama didn't stop there though. Turns out the bus that Google told me to ride on does not go to Twin Peaks. WHAT?!

Now long story short, six different people after, the bus driver, a bus passenger, a random guy in a parked car, a 6o year old granny, and two guys on a jog, I finally reached the peak and welcomed by this beautiful view. 

Total human connections made: 9. 

My faith in humanity is restored. I have no problem since in starting new conversation with new people. I might have just found the antidote to my extreme self-dependency sindrome.

Getting Lost Will Take You To New Place You Wouldn't Found Otherwise

Like this lovely little stairs. Which actually leads to nowhere, but hides some beautiful flowers and plants.

Or, this hipster like colorful house on the hill.

Getting Lost Opens Your Senses

Being there in the city unknown to you for the first time. Having no internet to compass your way with Google Maps, puts you in a different state of awareness. In this case my senses are heightened. I take a look at each road, street names, bus stops, and houses in details, stored the picture well so that I can remember it for the way home. 

In the end, it helps you to sip the experience in a whole, and not letting the moment pass through just like that. I can still remember everything vividly. Right to the chill air that hit my spine. 

Getting Lost Makes The Journey Twice More Worthwile

No kidding. It finally took me at least two and a half hour to get to the top. When others can reach it in 20 minutes with a tour car using a different access, I took the long walk. And when I got there, this view is just breathtaking awesome. The whole city is at the tip of my feet and at the range of my two eyes.

But the joy doesn't stop there. Why?

Now You Have An Interesting Story To Tell

I just did. And no one will have the exact same one as I did. It makes mine original.

Oh, and on my way back, I got lost again and ended up in Castro, a 'rainbow' area dominated with gay and lesbian. But that's another story to tell. ;)

So the next time you travel, get loose, and decide to sip in every dead end as a part of the journey. Forget the internet, and choose to have human connections. Get lost, and discover yourself instead.

Geting lost is fun!

Fellexandro Ruby
The Wanderlust

(For those of you who wonder, all photos taken by Leia, my new Samsung NX300. Gotta love the result!)


  1. u name ur camera leia, after pricess leiaaaa?? if yes, then high five!

    1. if you're saying the sexy princess in golden dress, then yes it is! high five! ;)

  2. Is it the same Twin Peaks as in the classic tv series? Woahh... :O

  3. Feel exactly the same way about travelling. That's why I love to travel by myself and always allow days to "get lost". Drowned in an itenerary and 'must see places' are no way to throughly discover all the beauty the world has to offer.

    And I love how you mentioned the "heightened senses" you get when you're discovering a new place. Devoid of all things familiar, our senses kick into an overdrive; maybe to ensure our survival. What I love is how suddenly the sky is the shade of blue I've never seen before, the crisp chill in the air makes you feel your warm breath, and on and on...

    And you suddenly realize that the world is actually a kinder place if we just take the time to stop and say hi to people.

    Aaahhh.. the joys of travel. Beautifully put - well done!


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