Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blissful Bali Day #1 : Bale Udang Mang Engking

Biters and wanderers, when's the last time you take a time-off from your deadlines & all-nighters? A real me-time away from the comfort of your home or your city?

Mine was half a year ago. You can imagine the kind of excitement I had on my flight to Bali last weekend. I have a long list of where to go and what food to try from all of your mentions on Twitter. I received so many recommendations, someone was even kind enough to email me her shortlist of must tries. Thank you, thank you for the love. There's practically not enough time & space in my belly to contain all that, but I appreciate your effort and I went to some of them. So, stay tune for the four-part story of Blissful Bali. Let's start from when I landed. 

It is a different kind of sky in Bali. Greeted by the setting sun, fellow bloggers and friends from Avilla who managed the gathering, I walked with a smile to find the huge changes happening in the airport. Most noticeable, now it takes about 15 minutes or so to walk out from the arrival station to the parking lot. A good exercise to the already starving belly. Every step I took was the sound of my feet and the whisper in my head going "Food, food, food!" 

The soonest I checked in at Berry Hotel in Kuta and freshen up, Bale Udang Mang Engking (Bume) was next on the schedule. 

Placed in a spacious land complete with a tiny lake at the center of it, Bume recreates the feel of Sundanese dining without losing its touch of Balinese. Traditional music instruments playing and dimmed lights intensify the romantic mood. Not to mention, eating ala lesehan on the bamboo gazebo. The atmosphere has become a unified experience in complement to the food. 

To begin the feast, a plateful of Lumpia Bale Udang (prawn spring roll, fried, with tauco dipping sauce) found itself as saliva inducing entree. 

I must admit, their signature Hurang Ageung is a specialty. It's a huge platter of honey roasted prawns, deep fried prawns, steamed prawns, and kangkung. I miss the honey prawn the most with its sweet barbequey flavor that's hard to resist. Have it with a dip of sambal (chili) and that's it. A home run. 

Lumpia Bale Udang (IDR 25K)

Hurang Ageung (IDR 350k)

The next delicious dish that speaks to me was their Gurame Cobek and the dessert. I'll save the latter for later. This fried gurame topped and seasoned with various spices and chili was a winner for those who find pleasure in sweating out their food. The hotness will hook you from the first bite and invite you for more and more. The accompanying Gurame Terbang & Gurame Bakar Kecap was another variations for those who prefer different take on fish. 

Gurame Terbang (IDR 75k)
Pisang Goreng Keju w/ Caramel Sauce (IDR 16k)

Tape Goreng Keju w/ Caramel Sauce (IDR 16k)

Finally the sweetness that I always look forward to close a meal. I find both Pisang Goreng Keju and Tape Goreng Keju well appetizing. You couldn't go wrong with this. It's fried. It's cheesy. It's crispy. It's sweet. It has caramel / palm sugar as the dipping sauce! My favorite of the night. But then again, anything sweet easily pleases me. 

It was a great start of the holiday. Good food. Good company. Now I just need a good sleep for more blissful days to come. Tune in for more foodporns on the next post. I assure you that. 

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Until then, 

Fellexandro Ruby
Food storyteller & photographer.


Bale Udang Mang Engking
Jalan Nakula No. 88 (Sunset Road)
Kuta, Bali
Ph: (0361) 8822000
T: @baleudang


  1. loveeee ur picts, as always..

  2. I wonder if this has anything to do with the original Mang Engking in Depok?


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