Sunday, January 24, 2010

Art of Love [Current Favorite Playlist]

I can't find any better version of the video in You Tube than this one. Please mind the lousy audio. This is my current favorite, and personally I think every couples early in their relationship should listen to this, also the singles, so you can learn that you need to put effort into love, its not all sparkly and flashy. Put the terms right before everything is way past 'too late'. Written by the awesome Guy Sebastian himself, I think the lyrics has a lot of truth, positivity, and honesty in it (and what could be best for any relationship than honesty?). Seriously, I don't usually blog songs or even just the lyrics. This time, I have to. And if you're reading this on your mobile, youtube the video once you're online in your laptop. Smile on, Shine on. Rubs.

I’m saying sorry in advance cos this won’t always go to plan
Though we don’t mean to take our love for granted
It's in our nature to forget what matters
How when the going is getting tough
And we’re all about giving up
Things that we never thought we’d gonna say, gonna say them
Things that we never thought we’d play, gonna play them
It ain’t perfect, but it’s worth it
And it’s always getting better
It’s gonna take some time to get it right

Cause I’m still learning the art of love
I’m still trying to not mess up
So whenever I stumble let me know
You need to spell it out
You need to spell it out
You need to spell it out
You need to spell it out for me
Cause I’m still trying to learn the art of love

If I forget to get the door
Remind you that you’re beautiful
I know my detail requires more attention
If I ever hurt you it’s not my intention
Cause we’re gonna make our mistakes
Find out how much your heart can take
But I know that you got my back
And baby I got yours

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