Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blissful Bali Day #2 : Hotel Hopping & Suka-Suka Lunching

Here we are on my second day in Bali.

After a belly pampering dinner at Bale Udang Mang Engking and a good 8 hours of sleep at Berry Hotel, I'm all smileful waking up to bright shiny sun, clear blue sky, and a crowd of greens. I'm up for an adventure, but before all that, I couldn't get the idea of starting my day without a swim. Look how inviting the pool is! Off I went with Leo from Makan Mana

Berry Hotels, Kuta.

Now that the carbs are gone, its time to feast again. A quickie breakfast after, we were on the road to our next destination of hotel hopping. First on the itinerary was Kokonut Suites where we learn how to make Canang Sari (Balinese traditional offering to the Gods) and how to wear the traditional outfit. 

It is remarkable how Bali is able to preserve its culture up to now despite of continuous waves of tourist bringing their own color to this small island. The strong bond between art and religion is the defining difference. Most of religious activity requires an accompanying set of art, whether its music or dance. This gives premier show time to otherwise would be a lost culture.

Canang Sari contains three main items: porosan, kapur sirih, and gambir which represent the trinity of gods in Hindu (Brahma, Wishnu, Shiva). The beautiful flowers that follow symbolize a fragrant prayer for the gods. It is a must-know for the ladies in Balinese Hindu households.

The making of Canang Sari

For the guys, here's how they fashion themselves. A wrap of cloth from the waist down symbolize self-control over all sort of sinful desires. While a head band that pointed upward speak of respect to the gods above all. This few bits might sounds boring but I found it fascinating to know the why behind the what. Don't you think so?

No? Alright, I guess you just can't wait to fast forward to the lunch session at Suka-Suka restaurant. Me too! We had a rather playful courses here, courtesy of Chef Ardy. Starting with the Mango salad which was really fresh, using the fruit that are blossoming at its season. It is not common to start a meal with something sweet, but this one really kicks it off.

Mango Salad at Suka-Suka Restaurant

We had a stream of delicious treat after. The pumpkin soup was my personal favorite as it carried all the flavor I expected. Warming the belly at the right temperature. The grilled chicken with spinach stuffing was a little off for me. I found it a bit dry and rather bland taste-wise. On the closing note, it was perfect though with the appearance of banana fritter with palm sugar. I love palm sugar, and with the fried banana? Sweetness!

Pumpkin Soup at Suka-Suka Restaurant

Banana Fritters w/ Palm Sugar at Suka-Suka Restaurant

Now that we have our belly stuffed, its time to go on the road again. Our next destination of Hotel Hopping is a beautiful villa in the midst of Seminyak area. Having shown the unit with a private pool, gazebo, and an open air bathroom, I can imagine coming back here one day to pamper myself. Just as the name represent itself, no wonder that Le Jardin is one of the most favorited villa voted by Trip Advisor users.

Le Jardin Villas, Seminyak

The Trip Advisor winning villa, Le Jardin, Seminyak

Afternoon tea & snacks at Le Jardin. Complimentary for all who stays in.

And just as I thought it would be the end of it, turned out we still have a afternoon tea session here.

Ah, blissful Bali indeed. Or as the famous book said, all we do here is eat, play, love. There's more to come. Stay tune ;)


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Suka Suka Restaurant 
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