Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Goods Diner : Dine in, Chill out.

What happened if you gather an interior designer with relentless addiction towards chairs, a movie maker whose favorite movie is Oldboy, and a graphic designer who speaks as soft as a whisper?

A lively discussion that goes from religion to former Indonesian president.

And that's exactly what I love about dining out with a diverse crowd. The meeting of the minds or even the un-meeting of the minds. Conversation for me is an intangible ingredients that makes a meal. I'm glad that afternoon we had it sorted out. But how about the food? In one word, satisfactory. But if you're curious of discovering more, here's a detailed lookout of what we had.

Baileys Milkshake (55k)
Creamy, fulfilling milkshake, with what I think is not an original baileys. It tasted a bit off. However it did what it had to do. Refreshed my thirst in an instant, but ended up wanting some water to wash the sweet away.

Coffee Rubbed Burger (80k)
If you order this looking for a patty heavily infused with coffee then you must have the same expectation as I did. As it turned out, the coffee was there only on a very subtle hint, and mostly undermined by the soft, thick, and juicy beef patty. Those fond of American classics must find this to their liking.

Squid w/ Lemon Caper Sauce (45k)
This is when things get interesting. A plateful of fried squid with salty, buttery caper sauce, drizzled with lemons. The flavors are just right on this menu.

Portobello Mushroom (45k)
My second favorite of all. Thick fried portobello that gives a rather chunky crunch on the mouth. Added with the sour sauce. Good as an appetizer, or even as mains.

And to close with something sweet, we had a Red Velvet (50k), or in the words of their waiter "Red Pelpet". No joke. It's exactly what came out of him when we asked for a special dessert. No pun intended, but it was hilarious. Picture Agnes Monica on Indonesian Idol who's holding her breath and her laugh while watching a contestant singing off beat and dancing weirdly. That's pretty much me when hearing "Red Pelpet". Sad to say, the taste is as laughable as the pronunciation. The cake was dense, with no outstanding flavor other than the cheese. Not too mention it was rather dry as if it has been stored in fridge for days.

A rather anti-climax to an afternoon that could have turned to be well roundedly excellent. Still, complaints take you nowhere, I'd rather be joyful of the beautiful place, satisfactory food, good conversation, and good friends. What's left? A little fun. And here it comes =)


Fellexandro Ruby
Food Conversationalist & Photographer

The Goods Diner
Fairgrounds (former Bengkel Night Park)
SCBD, Lot 14, South Jakarta
Phone: 021 - 5152969
Twitter: @thegoodsdiner


  1. Pasti kalo lo yang foto bagus semua deh makanan hehe. Oya itu coffee rubbed burgernya kok mahal ya terakhir makan uda taun lalu sih kayak masih 70an gitu. Tapi di the goods dept cafe hehe

    1. Haha, thanks inez. Emang pas lagi bagus cahaya jadi gampang fotonya. Coffee rubbed di sini lebih mahal karena 'katanya' sih porsinya lebih besar. Hehehe.

    2. ohhh tapi itu dpt baconnya juga ngga? Soalnya coffee rubbed burger kalo ga pake bacon kurang gimanaaa gitu heheh

  2. those photos are killing me.

  3. the coffee rubbed burger looks very yum yum ;9


  4. Been dying to eat here!
    Oh yeah, which one is better in terms of ambiance? The Goods cafe in Pacific Place or The Goods Diner here?
    As usual, all the photos you have are simply fascinating.

    Best Regard,
    Prawnche | FoodVenturer.me

    1. I'd say Good Diner. I just love the big white space and huge windows. Imagine sitting next to the window on a rainy day sipping hot tea and cakes. =)

    2. Hah! I could exactly see that, sitting next to the window on a rainy day, sipping a cup of hot tea (or chocolate) and cakes! haha, so I bet you are right! Good Diner it is!
      Thanks, dude!

  5. Your blog has beautiful pictures and they are whimsical, which I like! I like The Goods Diner. Yum!

    1. Wow, I'm thankful to have you stopped by. Also for the kind comments. =D

  6. Your photos are insane... they really are. Thanks for stopping by to my blog and giving your kind comments :). I kinda miss shooting with my fix lens but my nikon is on service, the shutter counts are dead lol.


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