Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Berthillon Paris : Legendary Ice Cream With A View

Imagine sunny Paris.
Imagine blue sky.
Imagine walking on the bank of Seine river sipping the warmth.
Imagine breathing in the chilly air.
Imagine doing all that with your significant other ... with Paris' legendary ice cream in hand.


Berthillon. Started in 1950 and made famous after being founded in the 60s by none other than Messieurs Gault & Millau, it has become a must visit place if you pass by Notre Dame and walk to île St-Louis, one of the two natural island on Seine river.

Lonely Planet ranked it #23 of 1566 things to do in Paris. As for me it was an obvious thing to do as an ice cream lover and a sweet tongue. Its been in my trix even before I landed in the city of lights. Plus the heat was right that afternoon, so we headed there with no hesitation and a heartful of expectations.

The queue is always long no matter what time of the day. A green signboard is hanged on the front facade with hand written flavors on it in gold paint. It has so many interesting flavors that deciding can be quite a tedious task. Hmm.. How about wild strawberry sorbet? Wait! There's ginger caramel. Oh, here's something fancy. What's agenaise? It sounds exotic. The drama continues and the next thing you know you're on the front of the line and still paralyzed by the amount of choices. I finally went with wisdom of the crowd, pear sorbet and the butter caramel gelato.

Both was fantastically rich in flavor. It was as if munching on real pear. Refreshing. Same goes to the butter caramel. The creamy base made it somewhat heavier and bolder, yet still light enough to enjoy one full scoop altogether with the cone without feeling bloated afterwards.

I took the scoops to the banks of the river. Enjoyed it slowly, feasting both my tastebuds and my eyes with the view. I then took the stairs down the road and sit on the concrete chair, relaxed with no thoughts of work, looking at life and the people passing by. It is probably one of the simplest joy of Paris.

Or maybe life is really that simple? We humans, made it complicated. With what, you ask? Ehm, our selfish wants and desire? Now, that something to ponder until my next post.

Stay chilly,

Fellexandro Ruby 
Glacier addict


Berthillon Ice Cream 
31, rue St-Louis-en-îlle (4th)
Closest Metro: Pont Marie
Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Second half of July and all August.


  1. Major envy here haha.
    Amazing pics, Rubs, you never fail to impress :)

  2. Oh my.....

    Was there last year and had a life-changing-experience with their salted caramel (or shall we say, caramel au beurre salé). Hands down the best ice cream I ever tasted. Surely glad that some of the cafe in the île St-Louis serves Berthillon ice cream; that ice cream and a cup of coffee: simple perfection.

    What a joy. Thanks for the sweet reminder.

  3. Jakarta pas panas2 gini udah paling salah kalo buka postingan ini Rub, that butter caramel looks sexy!

  4. Ice creams are delicious. An year ago, it was my cousin's wedding. We had to surprise her on her day of wedding. That's why we called Smiths Ice cream van for wedding, she had no idea about it. It was full of her favourite ice creams. That day was certainly an amazing day.


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