Monday, June 14, 2010

[Teaser] War of Art. -- Break Through The Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

 Most of us has two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us. Between the two stand Resistance | Steven Pressfield

Resistance is the force that keeps us from becoming what we were born to be, the hesitation that keeps us from taking that first step to our new life, the sound inside our head keeping us contented in where we are and not moving forward. Do you know that Hitler wanted to be an artist? That at the age of eighteen, he took out his inheritance, about 700 Kronen (100 USD at the time that might worth about 1200 USD at today's currency) and enrolled in Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and then move to The School of Architecture. The question is: Have you ever even seen one of his paintings or artworks? Hmm, me neither. And so Pressfield in his book believe that it was so much easier for Hitler to start World War II then sitting in front of his desk facing the blank canvas.

Have you ever signed up for gym, got fired up for three weeks then absent for months, oh in fact, you forgot that you're still a member until your parents start asking "I never see you going to gym again, why do they still charge my credit card?" or simply quit a diet halfway?

Have you ever bought yourself a brand new treadmill that ended up in your storage room, dusty, unused, and maybe enlisted in e-bay for a quick auction?

Have you ever got a guitar, make a band who then got disbanded right away after you failed in a competition. Now you think about that Strats as you read this line. How you miss strumming your fingers on it.

Have you ever wanted to join a cause, volunteered to help the poor, save the world? Then there you are now thinking about the life you dream to be living, the person you could and should've become?

Are you an entrepreneur who never start a venture?
Are you a writer who doesn't write?

Then you know The Resistance. And man I'm telling you, get a copy of this book down here. Save yourself.

Smile on, Shine on.

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