Thursday, June 3, 2010

[Photo] Show Me Your Friends & I'll Show You Your Future

My pastors have always been reminding the statement above. For me it has grown more than just a statement, I've been living it for quite some time now. I've seen how much I've grown with my new circle of friends. Here's some of them. People who are passionate about what they do that their work has become an outgrow of who they are. People who are fighter. People who are dependable. They have influenced me so much in many positive ways. Let me introduce them in order of appearance.

Henry Gerson -- He was already an editor-in-chief of Nu:B Magazine when he was still pursuing his study in university. Been working with him on developing creative concept for videos. An amazing writer, he once pulled on four episodes of script in a night. Have a look at his thoughts and musings here or

Cathrine -- A great business woman and a rising entrepreneur at a very young age. Now in charge of her own logistic company collaborating with one of the biggest logistic service company in the world. A tirelessly fun, brave, and warm person. You might bump into her 20 feet under the water among the fishes with her underwater camera and oxygen tube. Find her creativeworks here

Andrea Sharon -- An interior designer by major. A passionately creative person overall. Her products developed for one design show has granted her sold out stocks and a trip to Paris to observe the city of art and to represent Indonesia with her creative product. Her attention to details (or OCD as i might recall) superbly support her as contributor to Living Etc. magazine. I wish I have her eye, the way she see things is just extraordinary. Proof? Here:

Silfi Aprilia
-- Einstein said "I'm not a genius, im just passionately curious". Ha! This girl is just passionately curious about styling and make-ups. A very expressive, friendly, and fun person, you would enjoy every second of having yourself styled and pampered by her make-up skills. She's on her way to the top.

Claudia Veiling --
While others enjoying a nice weekend, she stayed at home finishing the work her boss' assigned to her. Simple truth about dedication, commitment, and passion. With her fun and joyful upbringing she's always at the end of our chain-of-fun-teasing-and-mockery. Haha. We love her though. A collector of papers, you might want to share stuff with her one day.

Monic Christian
-- Elegant. She'll probably be the closest mother figure among us at this moment. In fact, o wait. I shouldn't be too frank. A warm person, I didn't remember our first meeting, I just remember we become friends right away. A generous person and such a supportive friends. You would want her to be around all the time.

-- There's a drummer, there's a top banker, there's everyone above.

To friends that are not featured here (yet) you know you're as precious as them to me. You just happen to miss the photo session. HAHA. Otherwise you'll be here. And from me, photography is one of the things I'm passionate about. Here's my way of contributing. I know I'm circled with the right crowd who could inspire and support me. How about you? Show me your friends and I'll show you your future.

Smile on. Shine on!

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