Saturday, October 9, 2010

[Photo Memoir] My Year With You, Taggers.

TAG = Totally Awesome Generation

I still remember clearly on day one when I was introduced to you guys, knees, feet weak, palms, hands all sweaty. Why? Cause there in front of my eyes were the future leaders of tomorrow. There's artists among you, designers, chief technology officer, detective, entrepreneurs, drummers, DJs, guitarists, writers, dancers, photographers, all with their awesomeness.

And I remember you asked me what is it that I do? My first answer was "Photographer and Entrepreneur", your reply was "Come on, be honest". I did not reply much, cause time will tell, and action is better an answer than words. Back then I've started in business but I just started to grab my passion around photography and I didn't have any pro camera yet, but I keep my vision strong. And now, a year after, I'm learning photography as much as I could with my hard-earned R2-D2, yes that's how I name my Canon EOS 7D. He's got some cool friends along the way, 17-40mm L-Lens and 70-200mm L-Lens. So here I am at this day, making a point to my answer a year ago. The lesson is: nothing is impossible if you have a clear picture of your vision along with God in it.

And nothing better to show the photographer in me who has developed in time than showing these pictures of beautiful Taggers. Took the shots in between session, its pretty hard then to get decent picture in such a short time, but well, I hope you like it.

Its been a blessing being with you guys. I learned a lot as I'm serving in this ministry. I hope I can go forward to inspire you guys.

Smile on, Shine on.
Your Mentor,

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