Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Ran Out of Superlatives to Express Your Lovingkindness

 remember tweeting this in September and amazingly unknowingly He gave me a surprise. I expected next year but He present it early. I am beyond thankful.

Last November, on an unplanned-before business trip I got the chance to visit one of the world's emerging cities, Shanghai and it was wintery! *widegrin* I've missed being wrapped in layers of clothes and jackets, having no sweat all day, travelling around city with subway metro, and freezing my ears walking against the wind. That's exactly what I got. It was only four days three nights, but it was really a blessing. On top of that I get to taste local cuisine (will review them soon) in between of work-related stuffs and took some citylights photos that I've been wanting. Here's a glimpse of what I captured. Not to boast, but to let myself and everyone of us be reminded that there's a Higher Being up there who listens and take a good care of us right to the littlest details. And He love to give us surprises.

I've simply ran out of superlatives to express Your lovingkindness. You are good and Your Grace overflows. =)

With a grateful heart,
Fellexandro Ruby

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