Saturday, December 25, 2010

Now Cooking - Hachimaki Ramen

Hello Wanderbiters! Its good to be writing and sharing more frequently as this holiday season gave me a surplus of hours to work on new post =) This blog is indeed a labor of love. Have a jolly Christmas to you all and in case we didn't get to meet, Happy New Year as well. In that spirit, please welcome a new segment dedicated solely for newly opened food place - "Now Cooking". I'll be sharing the first bites so you'll have a decent idea of it and a certain expectations before trying =)

The lucky foodplace I visited just yesterday is Hachimaki Ramen, located at Rukan Cordoba Pantai Indah Kapuk (just across the Waterbom). I googled the word and found hachi means 'a bowl' and maki means 'volume'. So doing the math, I suppose it intends to say a huge bowl of ramen? It appears to be. Judging from the photo, you'll imagine a good portion of ramen to fit the belly of a young man in puberty. But nope, na'ah, its almost 65% soup and 30% ramen noodles and the last 5% of the meal, predictably the beef and the egg.

This Karai Ramen is rated two on spicy-o-meter. Yes, you can customize how hot you want your ramen to be (hmm, reminds me of...) Lucky I didn't tried number nine as I always do at Ramen Sanpachi cause number two is pretty-darn-hot already. They have the levels until ten, I dare not to try! Meat wise it was okay despite the un-generous portion. Presentation was very disappointing, its just too far from what I see on the menu. As for the soup, the broth has a mild meaty flavor that I can barely taste having the spicyness predominates the soup. However, getting spiced up and sweaty was what I came here for. So, I'm satisfied with this one, and I'll keep my mouth shut until I tried the other ramen.

The second menu I tried was the Chuka Wakame (Seaweed). I enjoyed this as I'm always a huge fan of seaweed. On the side note though, I felt that it was too salty. Tried to tilt the bowl, squeeze the seaweed and found a good dose of sesame oil and soysauce. Aha! In my opinion, plain seaweed already bear a distinctive flavor of its own. A sprinkle of sesame seed is more than enough. I like it raw.

Last but not least, the atmosphere here is quite enjoyable especially the outdoor section where you could sit under the shades and next to the greens. Its just nice for me, and it gave me a good natural lighting to take my photos. =) I might come back to try out some more menus, until then, give it a try on your own and have a good holiday all.

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  1. Hello, just stumbled into your blog. And I'm impressed already =) I reckon you live around PIK area? I'll try to swing by this ramen place the next time I go home, it looks interesting enough.

  2. Margie, thanks, coming from a fellow foodie and blogger that means a lot. =) Yep, this ramen place is just few minutes away from my place and yours I reckon. Happy trying. =)Oh, let me know your take on the ramen.


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