Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day One - Starting With A Splash of Creativity

Happy New Year ! Wishing every single one of you another great year ahead.
What did you start day one with? Tweet me @captainruby with the hashtag #istartdayone and share some interesting stuff you do first thing today (aside from your morning 'unloading' session of course --").

As for me I decided to work on something creative with the new Facebook profile. Here's a screencapture of what I did. Initially I hate the new design, but now, I think it gets quite idea-provoking, I might challenge myself every month for something fresh. And I challenge everyone of you too. =) I learn something as well, when we see something we dislike, we have the options to (1) complain about it (2) complain then do something to make it better. I did the number two (not that number two =p). So can you, let's start this year with a positive thought. =)

Also, I'd like to thank you for tuning in to this blog. I reviewed the stats today and throughout the year I've received more than 5000 visits according to Google Analytics and Posterous counted over 14.000 visits. I'm humbled and honored that this startup receive such a support.

To the truth, I've been pondering on revamping this blog into a full website with custom domain, design, and much more interactivity. It's gonna take a while to develop (ehm, faster if anyone would like to sponsor =p), in the mean time, I'll welcome suggestions and inputs. Practical inputs such as domain names, yep the web address like or the likes. Or anything you haven't see here and would like to. Feel free to drop comments below or again tweet me @captainruby.

Looking forward for a delicious and fruitful year ahead.

Smile on (Munch on) Shine on!
Fellexandro Ruby
Food Enthusiast &  Photographer


  1. Wow. That's great. Would have never thought about making the profile look that way.The fact that you were in front of Eiffel tower adds more 'wow' factor =PHappy new year =)

  2. Thanks Marge, happy new year tooo =) Oh, the profile thingy, I got inspired by these people as well:


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