Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taste Hopping At Jackrabbit - Cuisine & Libations

Hey Biters, I bet Jackrabbit's hype has reached you in one or other way. As for me it was the reputable Chef Juna Rorimpandey and his appearance on Masterchef Indonesia that reached me first. I personally haven't watch even one single episode, but heard numerous praise and 'boo's around it. Well, Jackrabbit is where Chef Juna stars as the executive chef. I've been wanting to try this place and just as my belly cried out for it, somebody heard it and made it happen. That somebody is Goorme - a leading food portal in Indonesia - which invited me and a bunch of hungry renown food bloggers / netizen for a brunch date. I said Yes! Yes! Yes! And here's a little write up for you Biters.

We were presented with at least fifteen selections of freshly created cuisine. See, by fresh I mean new recipes made purposely to fit in the 'brunch' theme, and not fresh as in fresh from the oven. As excited as I was to try out, most of my mood head to a downfall when the foods presented was barely warm. Cold, for a lack of better word. Probably because they were resizing their kitchen, as a result, it took them quite a while to cook the meal.

I did not get to taste all of them, I'm just gonna lay out some, and I'm gonna start with the one that appealed to me the most. The hero of the day : Lamb Chop! (178K)

I find the medium-well cooked meat was savory, juicy, and a little on the salty end. But, gotta say the yoghurt mint sauce was intense. Who would have thought to mix the two and use it as a dip on lambs? And the best part for me was that the yoghurt overpowered the mint, cause my tongue just hate minty stuff (I know some of you will find this weird). I like this for it brings new experience to my tastebuds.

The runner up champion would go to Beef Chimichanga (58K). Imagine a thick layer of beef wrapped in tortilla crepes skin, topped with a mix of chopped tomato, radish, oh and the beans on the side is an interesting add on. Beware though, this might be daily menu for foodies in Latin America, but not for our Indonesian tongue. You gotta have quite a welcoming affection toward unfamiliar taste, but it will be worth it ; )

This one up here is what they call American Hearty Pancake. Although I would oppose the size that barely reflect America. I mean, in my head an American meal wouldn't be so supportive to your diet by laying only one slice of bacon and one wiener sausage to accompany the lonely chunk of butter. Tastewise, this feels like any other home-made meal. The bacon that I tasted was overcooked. I don't know if Americans like it crispy as a cracker, I know I don't. I wouldn't go so much as recommending this one, BUT! This one follow is a definite must-try. HA! I purposefully slip it in the middle of my post, so the lazy readers who skim through it wouldn't find it. Lucky you! Yes you! Meet the top of the pop, the super scrumptious Chocolate Lava Cake.

Let me tell you this, you could have any meal that you want at Jackrabbit, but you wouldn't wanna miss this one as dessert.I don't know if its because I had this after a stream of so-so food, or is it because of the fact that its free. YES! Its free for grab if you checked into your Foursquare and show it to the waiter. Now there's another freebies for you Biters who read through the post front to end. =P

Allow me to retell this sweet chocolate tale. I love how the warm soft cake melts in my mouth as the hot chocolate lava disperse and do wonders on every single taste bud. This is no less than scrumptious. And if you desire more, try mixing the caramel ice cream (top left) with the lava cake. You just got super scrumptious! I can't stop telling how good this one is, but I know I have to step on to the next one.

Meet, Jackrabbits' Apple Pie.

If you're up for soury flavor, this one's for you. For me, the sprinkle of cinnamon on top was a little bit too much, and the ice cream didn't make it any special. Wouldn't hurt to try though, cause it comes for free as well (look at above paragraph if you just skimmed through here =p)

There you have it. A sweet end to the taste hopping. Even sweeter cause I got to catch up and meet with fellow bloggers. Thanks for the company dear people with a little less food on the table, Lolo, Jendry, Imel, Sara and Tony =) Oh, I forgot to mention, the last two desserts are not in the brunch menu. Let me repeat, you can find them on their main menu. Got it? Alright.

All in all it was one happy day. You know us men, a happy belly is more than enough to put a smile on our face. And by men I meant both of us 'men' and wo-'men'. Right? ; )

Happy Hopping.

Fellexandro Ruby 
Certified Fat Magnets & Photographer

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  1. you're definitely a fat magnet. "I love how the warm soft cake melts in my mouth as the hot chocolate lava disperse and do wonders on every single taste bud" > this, you got me dancing. and psst. they're using Thonet's chairs! Thonet 209. Be it replica or real (i doubt it :p)
    Oh, pretty food, pretty chairs.
    Just as your chocolava cake melted, my heart melts.

  2. Hmm... so-so review from you and Jenz so far, wondering if I should cancel going there :P

    Btw, is the cute chocolate rabbit edible?

  3. @ANDREA: I hate that Thonet chair. Rephrase. We hate that Thonet chair. Its not the most comfortable chair and somehow our chair just bump into each other all the time. --"

    @GFGL: Nonono, don't cancel. Food is personal. Our review might not reflect your tongue. If you happen to go there, they said their 'burger' is the signature dish.

  4. the chocolate lava seems really tempting ! :O

  5. glek! *drooling all over those pics*

  6. lu pake lensa apa sih? cakep banget fotonyaaaa. aaaa.

    @jendry: emang itu SANGAT ENAK! muahahahaha

  7. @SARA: iya donk cakep, g kan fotonya pake lensa hati. #edisigalau hahahah. ga dink, standar kok lensanya 50mm f/1.4

    @JENDRY: hau chek sen cing ping punya dahh, bo cuan bo kam guan deh klo ga cobain #edisicinatotok

    @ALINE: *plak* tepok punggung, i just saved you from choking, now lets eat again. =P

  8. hen hen hen bo kam guan dah gini caranya ga cobain ..hen hen yao chi chocolate lavanya ! #masihcinatotok

  9. @ruby: must be fake thonet! MWAHA! anw, 214 is still better than that 209. YOU GOTTA BRING ME HERE SUMTIME FOR THE CHOCOLAVA CAKE (u know i always get that cake and compare it with sby's gelatobar... oho oho oho, and til now, still sby ftw!)

  10. @JENDRY: HAHAHA. kan masi ada voucher 300k, yuk kapan lagi mau makan bareng" ajak yg lain". =D

  11. i just realized this. Jackrabbit uses 'cuisine & libations' hehehe. likey their wordchoice...


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